Researcher Says Drug Vaccines would Save Quadrillions in Health Care Costs

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Harbor Village Florida comments on the pitfalls ascribed to the lack of research into drug vaccines.

The drugs rehab center, Harbor Village Florida, questions the ethical resolve around the lack of funding of heroin vaccine research; especially in the face of recent heroin-related deaths.

Today (Jan. 9th) at 6:00am Time released an article stating that there are several vaccines for drug use in development. Among the potentially life saving vaccines is perhaps the cure for heroin addiction. Kim Janda is the lead chemist at the Scripps Research Institute, and has been responsible for developing the heroin vaccine, in addition to a vaccine for methamphetamine. Janda asserts a grim reality for his research, and states that big pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to fund the initiative to move beyond testing his vaccines on lab rats. If not spurned by the ethical aspects of developing vaccines for addicts, Dr. George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, says that addiction vaccines would save quadrillions of dollars in health care expenses. Harbor Village Florida is a drugs rehab center that specializes in rehabilitating drug addicts. Its healthcare professionals witness the earth shattering, debilitating effects of drug addiction everyday.

Quoted in Time, Janda says, “No pharmaceutical company is going to fund trials for heroin, no way. . . The heroin [vaccine] has been our best success in over 25 years of working- it’s the best data we’ve seen.” The reason for the lack of funding for vaccine research? Previous failures. In 2014 a cocaine vaccine was unsuccessful, as was a 2011 vaccine slated to help nicotine addicts. But jada has proven results that merit attempts on willing human subjects- in fact, the researcher receives daily emails from prospective test subjects pleading to help further research, by offering themselves as his subjects. Unfortunately, without approval or funding, Jada has no grounds to begin a trial.

With the uptick of heroin related deaths in Florida, which the Orlando Sentinel covered on Dec. 15th, Harbor Village Florida expects to see an increase in patients at its facilities. Regrettably, its staff also prepares for the possibility that its patients may relapse and end up perishing from their addictions. In light of the recent development of heroin vaccines its officials are frustrated that big pharmaceutical companies are not fully supporting the initiative to supply rehabilitation facilities with drug vaccines, to ensure the long-term success of addicts everywhere.

Jada’s vaccine appears to be superior to previous vaccines, in that the medicine prevents heroin from ever entering the brain- it does not merely attempt to alter the brain’s reaction to the drug. Time quotes Knoob, “You can inject a rat with 10 times the dose of heroin that a normal rat [could handle] and they just look at you like nothing happened. It’s extraordinary.”

The drugs rehab center, Harbor Village Florida, questions the ethical resolve around the lack of funding of heroin vaccine research; especially in the face of recent heroin-related deaths. “This [heroin addiction] is a serious problem, and we could be better equipped to handle addiction in the years to come, if this research is funded,” says a member of their medical unit.

If not for its ethical merits, drug vaccines could have a tremendously positive effect on mitigating exorbitant health care costs. Time quotes Dr. Andrew Kolodny, “I am not sure Americans realize that if they treated alcoholism and drug addiction they would save quadrillions of dollars.. . investing in research on addiction will reduce healthcare costs in the future.”

Harbor Village Florida is located in southern florida, and provides its clients with a safe environment to overcome drug addiction. It’s staff is on call 24/7 to attend to patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms and psychological anguish. The drugs rehab center accepts a larger majority of health insurance for treatment, thanks to their accreditation by The Joint Commission. The facility is structured as a resort, allowing its patients to get away from harmful environments. Additionally, Harbor Village offers its clients luxury amenities.

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