Harbor Village Florida Anticipates Legalized Syringe Exchange for 2015

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Harbor Village Florida comments on the stigma surrounding syringe exchanges.

Drug addiction is a rampant nationwide dilemma, and although there are signs that use among teens are decreasing, substance abuse is still in full swing. To alleviate the medical hazards that are associated with drug addiction, like contracting HIV or Hepatitis C by using dirty needles, the nation has created syringe exchange programs. These exchange points are highly stigmatized and controversial, which has caused delayed legalization in some states. Syringe exchanges allow anyone to trade their used needles for sterilized ones- thereby eliminating the chances that they will be infected with a potentially fatal disease. Additionally, big pharmaceutical companies are now funding the production of Naloxone, an overdose remedy. Harbor Village Florida is among southern drug and alcohol detox centers who are committed to shepherding their communities from the grips of drug addiction. The rehabilitation center claims that the introduction of syringe exchanges in Florida, and overdose remedies, will safeguard the community from communicable diseases and offer drug addicts protection until they seek inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment.

In anticipation of the Florida government revisiting syringe exchange programs (SEP), Street Roots News quoted a pre-med student working at a SEP on Dec. 29th, “It just doesn’t make sense to me that other places don’t have this. We save lives every day,” and yet Florida does not yet have a secured SEP. Although a ban on federal funding has stopping Florida from establishing safe SEPs, there is a cultural stigma that perpetuates the delay of accepting needle exchanges. There is a perceived sense of encouragement of drug use when these programs are established, but Harbor Village argues for the continued erection of medical programs that seek to prevent severe diseases from spreading.

A Harbor Village medical staff member comments, “There is an unfair stigma surrounding needle exchange programs. People claim that these campaigns only endear drug users to continue abusing, but the reality of the world is that these people are addicted, They’re going to get high. And some of them aren’t going to look for rehabilitation care for a long time. It’s sad, but we have an obligation to protect them, and offer them programs enabling them to eliminate the chances of contracting AIDS.”

The detox clinic says that the more resources the drug community has at its disposal will ensure that they are kept from contracting additional diseases that could complicate their future recovery. Programs that serve to protect the community from diseases will benefit the general populace as well. Additionally, Harbor Village states that the medical personnel of drug and alcohol detox centers are protected when measures are taken to nullify incoming diseases contracted by rehabilitation patients.

Harbor Village Florida’s residential drug and alcohol treatment center is located in south Florida. The facility is devoted to make sure that its clients have 24/7 medical attention. Changing the landscape of other detox and rehabilitation centers, Harbor Village Florida features lush spa retreats where patients can recuperate and re-acclimate themselves into a drug-free lifestyle. Their facility provides clients gourmet meals, private rooms, and luxury amenities.

For more information visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call 1-855-290-4261.

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