Harbor Village Florida Deems Drug Addiction a Physical Illness

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Harbor Village supports the notion that drug addiction is a physical disease, and must be treated appropriately.

It is perhaps best to think of addictions relating to brain cell functions. . . and things that change the ways those cells function, in fact, can control us.

Amid rife drug use nationwide, drug addicts are continually attacked as people who choose their destructive lifestyles. Although their initial choices may lead them to addictive behaviors, once addiction takes hold, it becomes a physical illness. The validity of this argument has been corroborated by Gregory Collins, MD the head of Cleveland Clinic’s psychiatry and psychology department. Quoted by the Health Hub in a video on Jan. 8th, Collins states, "[addictions] are one of the most common forms of mental illness or physical illness. . . it should be remembered that these are in fact physical illnesses.”

Harbor Village Florida is an addiction treatment center that is committed to successfully rehabilitating substance abusers, allowing them to lead healthy lives. The public consensus that drug addiction is a choice only delays administering the necessary provisions to addicts that will ensure treatment.

Collins asserts, “It is perhaps best to think of addictions relating to brain cell functions. . . and things that change the ways those cells function, in fact, can control us.”

A Harbor Village addiction treatment center employee further elucidates the situation of addiction, “Most people, when they think of addiction, see an individual who is actively pursuing a dangerous lifestyle because they want to. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many addicts want, desperately, to stop. But they can’t. Literally. This is a biological and physical condition, that requires extensive treatment and willpower to overcome successfully. For some people, it takes multiple attempts to get clean, because that drug is so ingrained into their biological needs and psychological dependence..”

The drug courts are an encouraging sign that the nation is coming around, and realizing that drug addiction is a disease. Most drug addicts don’t know they need help, and don’t know where they can receive assistance. A medical staff member from Harbor Village says, “The system that throws drug addicts into prison instead of rehabilitation treatment doesn’t understand the problem at all. That doesn’t fix anything. These are sick people. If you find drugs on them, send them to a treatment center where they can get better, not a jail cell, where they will continue to abuse drugs on the inside, and when they get out again.”

Harbor Village Florida, the addiction treatment center, is located in sunny south Florida and is dedicated to revitalizing the community of substance abusers who check into their facility. Their treatment program is intensive, and provides 24/7 support. Their medical staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and serve their clients tirelessly amid a backdrop of spa accommodations. The center is designed as a getaway retreat to take its clients far from the environment of abuse, ushering patients into an atmosphere of recovery and healing. They know that addiction is never a choice.

For more information visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call 1-855-290-4261.

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