5 Reasons to Move Administrative Processes Online in 2015

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How to make an organization more efficient, while saving time and reducing stress - as recommended by Aladtec, Inc.

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Online Software is Accessible 24/7 from Anywhere

When the appropriate web-based system is chosen, organizations experience quick, or even immediate, ROI.

Time sucking administrative tasks are stressful and often a source of procrastination because people have other things to accomplish...meetings, projects, events, training, etc. The way many organizations still tackle office duties are simply inefficient, for example: scheduling staff on a spreadsheet, paper calendar or whiteboard; conducting “clipboard” inventory; making multiple copies of documents for distribution; and being tied to the only computer that has all the software programs on it.

Although online software has been available for many years, many organizations haven’t embraced the option - perhaps due to budgeting, lack of technological knowledge or simply being resistant to change…their current method is “good enough”. In turn, other businesses end up choosing an online product that really doesn’t fit their needs and out of frustration, they often revert to “the old way” of doing the task.

When the right system is chosen for a process, office tasks which are moved online - to “The Cloud” - improve office efficiency, save time and reduce stress. In this scenario, online software is a great solution to making improvements to various office processes, while reducing stress...throughout 2015...and beyond.

Although there are many sound reasons to implement online software programs - here are five primary reasons to make the switch:

-Save Time: Online software programs allow for many processes to be automated so less time is spent on routine and tedious responsibilities such as: filing documents; making phone calls; sending individual emails; tracking data; creating reports; processing time sheets; etc.

-Save Money: When the appropriate web-based system is chosen, organizations experience quick, or even immediate, ROI (Return On Investment) by simply reducing the man hours it would normally take to do all the activities the system takes on. With an online system there’s no software or hardware to buy and install, and no need for an expensive an onsite server. Also, it’s likely direct savings will be found from using the system itself. For example, an online employee scheduling system can save money in unplanned, or unapproved, overtime - the online system helps prevent this from happening.

-Fewer Errors: There can be checks and balances within the software system to eliminate or reduce human error. And, with a web-based program, data is updated instantaneously when a change is made. There’s no second guessing as to whether the information is current or not, so action isn’t taken on “old” data - only to be re-done when the mistake is discovered. Typically, administrators can also see a time-stamp as to when the information was input or changed and by whom (no more he said/she said conflicts).

-Mobility: Cloud based software is available 24/7 from anywhere via the Internet. The user doesn’t have to be at the only location where the software, or server, is installed. An online software system is accessible to administrators and staff at anytime from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device as long as there is an Internet connection.

-Environmentally Friendly: With computer installed software, or pen and paper processes, there is a great deal of paper used, along with associated printing costs. In these antiquated methods, paper is used for disseminating information, record keeping, forms, reports, etc. On the other hand, cloud computing allows the sharing of information with others “live” via the Internet - there’s typically no reason to print or file anything. All information is accessible, changeable and storable online - in the cloud.

There are many online software products to help organizations be more efficient in various areas, such as: online employee scheduling and workforce management; bookkeeping and accounting; inventory management; human resources, and customer relationship management. These products are typically offered as a subscription, with a monthly or annual fee, and many online software companies provide potential customers with a free trial. As with most products, online software systems vary greatly in features, customer support, updates, technical assistance and company philosophies. It’s advisable to try a free trial from two or three different vendors to discover which product best suits an organization’s specific needs and ask for recommendations from current customers with similar performance requirements.

Supporting Quotes:

“Moving staff scheduling to an online software program has helped me control overtime which is a definite cost savings benefit. I also track certifications online now, it was a nightmare to track certifications on all the employees, now I can keep on top of who is current or not current without a problem."            
Luke Clement, Director of Track Services and Special Events
Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa

"We do save a lot of time with our online employee scheduling system, Aladtec, but the savings in time doesn’t compare to the stress reduction from scheduling the old way - on a calendar. Now I can even create and change the schedule from my mobile phone or tablet; I don’t have to be at work to do it."
Chad LaMonda, EMT-P/Assistant Superintendent
Randolph County Ambulance District, Moberly, Missouri

“We cut our payroll processing time by approximately 100 hours every month through online software. Also, the accuracy of our payroll increased, since we weren’t keying in the payroll data by hand anymore. Employees are much happier when they’re getting paid the correct amount and bosses are happier when you’re not overpaying people!"            
Mike Majercik, Battalion Chief
McHenry Township Fire Protection District, Illinois

About Aladtec: They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to over 1,300 organizations from a variety of industries. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency. For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free trial, please visit http://www.aladtec.com.


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