America’s Original Plant-Based Diet Company Launches Game-Changing eCommerce Platform

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Hallelujah Diet™, the premier plant-based diet and nutraceutical company for more than 25 years, has launched new eCommerce website and platform to increase sales and enhance consumer engagement.

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Hallelujah Diet eCommerce Website

“The eCommerce site is completely built around enhancing the end-user experience and complements our new website, Melvin Young Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer".

Plant-based foods are all the rage in today’s health-conscious world, but the vital health benefits and disease-fighting properties of plant-based eating are nothing new to the followers of Hallelujah Diet™.

Hallelujah Diet™ has been one of the premier plant-based wellness companies on the planet for more than 25 years. With a long track record of success stories and a growing product list, Hallelujah Diet has become the go-to resource for anyone looking to premium organic products to boost their immunity, help combat disease, lose weight, or live a healthy, vibrant life. With this great momentum behind them, the company has just announced that they’re launching an all-new eCommerce platform that will propel their success into the future.

“We have revamped our brand, and at the core of that, we’re launching a completely new eCommerce site,” shared Hallelujah Diet™ chief marketing officer, Melvin Young Lewis. “The eCommerce site is completely built around enhancing the end-user experience and complements our newly launched website. We’ve recently seen a 40% increase in traffic from mobile devices, so we knew from the outset that we were going to make an incredibly mobile- and tablet-friendly venue for shoppers. With that in mind, we’ve created an online store architecture that is ultra relevant and up to date with current technology, and we’ve built it in house with the open source Magento platform. The engagement and optimization made possible by the amazing set of additions and modules our web team has pulled together to create an ideal user experience, allowing us to respond to and connect more easily with our customers.”

Paul Malkmus, president and chief executive officer of the Hallelujah Diet, said: "The new e-commerce website includes a new online shopping capability that will greatly simplify product selection and enhance the overall customer experience for our audiences and partners."

Another helpful aspect of the new site is that it will be extremely simple to operate.

“This means that the Hallelujah Diet team can easily update the site while allowing for more efficiencies,” Melvin said. “Less oversight translates into more time to spend with customers and increased sales.”

“From a business perspective,” Lewis went on, “in today’s commerce world, it is critical for the consumer touch points and systems—CRM, websites,social media, SEO and others—to function in sync with each other to create the efficiencies that allow businesses to optimize marketing opportunities. That’s what we’ve achieved with this new eCommerce platform.”

In addition to a streamlined functionality and visual appeal that will match the company’s recent rebranding efforts, the new eCommerce site was also designed to increase customer loyalty and retention. Features such as informative videos, branded content, promotional incentives, delicious recipes, and enhanced engagement opportunities will bring Hallelujah Diet and its customers closer than ever before.

“It’s all about creating an online community to support people who are ready to incorporate more plant-based foods and supplements into their diet, “ Melvin said. “We want to show them what it means to fall in love with food again. We want to present a platform that tangibly and realistically engages with them and shows them that they don’t have to give up the foods they’re accustomed to, but they can begin to incorporate things like premium organic supplements into their daily lives and indulge in foods that are prepared in a very different way than the typical ‘SAD’ Standard American Diet. From organic protein bars and powders to a selection of cooking and juicing utensils and educational and recipe books, we’ve cultivated our content to be optimized for today’s savvy customer who is looking to connect and engage with an entire community that is dedicated to falling in love with food again.”

The Hallelujah Diet™ is a comprehensive, preventative system that empowers people to take charge of their health by activating the body’s self-healing powers. The company offers a diverse range of organic premium products, get started kits, educational resources and books, blogs, free seminars, and other support programs for those interested in making dietary changes to their lifestyle. In addition to the Hallelujah Diet brand, in 2014 the company launched a health brand and website targeting women—Luminology™, For more information about the Hallelujah Diet visit

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