Thorium Energy Conference, Reactors, and Critical Connection Between Rare Earth Metals and Thorium

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The 7th Conference on Thorium Energy and Critical Metals on June 3rd & 4th to be held at Sheraton Conference Hotel Palo Alto, Ca, produced by Thorium Energy Alliance, a 501(c)3, will profile the current research, uses and policy matters for thorium as an energy source and the critical relationship between rare earth minerals and the element thorium. Rare earth elements are critically important in all high-tech industries, national defense and green-technology sectors and the policy discussions will be to review House (H.R.4883) and Senate (S.R. 2006) bills, both titled “The National Rare Earth Cooperative Act” (NRECA) which will create a privately funded multi-national rare earth cooperative and also funding for storage and uses of Thorium, including energy.

The 7th 'Future of Energy' Thorium Energy Alliance Conference will be held this June 3rd and 4th at the Stanford Sheraton Conference Hotel, Palo Alto Ca. USA.

Thorium Energy Alliance [T.E.A.] is the largest, oldest, most influential organization to advocate and teach about the opportunities of Thorium Energy and Materials, Molten Salt Reactors and Rare Earth critical metals. T.E.A. has made more educational videos, outreach and conference materials available than any other organization in the critical metals sector.

T.E.A. strives to make the conference subjects appeal to a broad audience. There are presentations that cover a wide range Policy, Business, Research Discoveries and Technology.

Talks will be given by Robert Stone, Director of the Documentary 'Pandora's Promise, Terrestrial Energy Inc., Martingale ThorCon Inc, University of Texas Nuclear Engineering, THRee Consulting, University of Illinois Nuclear Engineering.

Conference Event Director Vince Lackowski is bringing the conference back to the Bay Area for the first time in 5 years.T.E.A. since it was held at Google Headquarters in 2010.

“In 9 years since organizing we have held 7 large major conferences that are very friendly to Business, General Interest and Technical Professionals,” said Lackowski

For almost a decade T.E.A. has given scores of smaller conferences at business, research organizations and schools and for every level of government, military around the world.

“Attendees have the chance to help influence the influencers by attending,” said Kutsch.

Attending helps Thorium Energy Alliance achieve the goals of Safe, Clean, Abundant Energy and Materials for the Future.

“We are dedicating this years conference to the memory of Educator and Researcher Hershey Julian. We are to give the 'Thorium Prize' in his memory to one who is working to create a sustainable Thorium future,” said Vince Lackowski, Event Director

Several conference sections deal with the critical relationship between Thorium and Rare Earths. Rare earth elements are critically important in virtually all high-tech industries, essential for the consumer, to National Defense and green-technology sectors. All windmills and most solar cells require rare earth elements to function. Rare earths are found in every smart phone currently manufactured as well as all the DoD’s Advanced Weapons systems found in all branches of the military. “The need for a reliable, fully integrated domestic supply chain for rare earth elements is critical for the advancement of U.S.’s global position in these emerging industries as well as the defense of our nation” said John Kutsch, director of the Thorium Energy Alliance.

The House (H.R. 4883) and Senate (S.R. 2006) bills, both titled “The National Rare Earth Cooperative Act” (NRECA) will create a privately funded multi-national rare earth cooperative between the U.S. and Japan, the EU, and Canada. The cooperative would utilize abundant rare earth materials that U.S. mines currently discard because the rare earth elements are most often found with Thorium, a mildly radioactive natural element.

As part of NRECA, Thorium will be safely stored by a multi-national corporation that will develop commercial uses for Thorium and Thorium energy systems. The Thorium Energy Corporation will be required to seek out direct investment from sovereign entities (International Atomic Energy Agency member states).

Unlike today’s reactors, high-temperature Thorium liquid-fueled reactors can eliminate the risk of radiation release and greatly reduce issues related to spent-fuel and the proliferation of weapons grade material. The United States operated three liquid-fueled reactors in the 1950s and 1960s.

For more information, please contact: Vince Lackowski, Event Director, or John Kutsch – Thorium Energy Alliance
312.303.5019 / thoriumenergyalliance(at)gmail(dot)com

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