New Fiorentino Drogue Test Video Becomes Educational How-to and Boater Alert

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A seasoned sailor opens and repacks 7 storm/steering drogues with some surprising results caught on video.

Fiorentino Para-Anchor made public January 10 a new educational video that shows a seasoned sailor’s eye-opening experiences as she opens and repacks an assortment of heavy weather drogues from different manufacturers.

The results, that will greatly help consumers make mindful purchase decisions, will likely be a surprise to manufacturers that tout ease of use and uncomfortable for publishers of articles extolling some of these products’ inaccurate merits. The video plainly shows that many of the drogues are awkward and potentially dangerous when deployed and retrieved from a boat.

Pam Wall, professional outfitter, provisioning expert, and respected cruising lifestyle speaker met Smith at a boat show last year. During her years of sailing, including five Atlantic crossings and a circumnavigation with her family on a 39-foot sloop, she always had aboard her boat a sea anchor. But, she had little knowledge about modern drogues and wanted to learn.

The videos shows Ms. Wall opening, tendering and retrieving the seven drogues, all from different manufacturers, and all without her prior knowledge about how they worked or what to expect. “The idea,” said Smith, Fiorentino’s head of research and development and seminar speaker “was to get Ms. Wall's candid reaction to the products and how easily and therefore safely, or not, they were to deploy and repack.” Despite there being many tests comparing deployed drogues, this type of hands-on deployment and retrieval was a first.

Although the unscripted product challenge was filmed on Ms. Wall’s Ft. Lauderdale dock, she can be heard wondering aloud what would happen if they were conducting tests in heavy weather or simply on a boat given the challenges she had ashore. One of the drogues unexpectedly popped out of its packaging, nearly injuring the slight women and potentially knocking her overboard had she not been surefooted on a stable platform.

“It was really enlightening; really enlightening for me,” said Ms. Wall of the testing. The video does not discuss a conclusion as that was not the purpose. However, Fiorentino’s Shark drogue was a winner. “The Shark is compact, built strongly, well designed and manufactured, deployed easily and was very simple to repack, and a well thought out piece of marine equipment. It is by far the easiest to deploy and repack and is compact for stowage on a boat,” she said. “Nothing in the other six compared to the Shark. It’s the only one I’d purchase for my safety and the safety of my boat and the only one I would recommend.”

The video is posted on Fiorentino’s YouTube channel. The California boating safety product manufacturer and consumer education advocates have published more than a dozen instructional videos online; garnering nearly 100,000 views. Fiorentino management says confidence in its superior USA-made product allows them to produce and publish non-biased comparison reports.

Zack Smith is well known for his “Constant Rode Tension Theory” seminars at boat shows. Fiorentino Para-Anchor is the leader in producing effective sea anchors and drogues for the safety of mariners around the world when challenged by storm conditions and the need for emergency steering.

For more information, please contact Laurie Morrison at lmorrisonventures(at)gmail(dot)com or call 310-720-9011.

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