Globe-Trotting Backpacker & IT Pro Creates Cause-Oriented Mobile Game App Sensation

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Level-Up 4 Good will be launching 2 Indiegogo campaigns to develop 2 Android games for the conserving our Earth's 2 Amazons.

Gaming for a better world. Let's make serious causes FUN through the state of PLAY!

The state of play today became a personal quest for decorated IT professional Alicia Choo to inject something better into the world. iTunes released her latest example, Love Our Coral Triangle, on December 30th: newest of 4 iOS App games supporting a suite of causes.

Since digital gaming has become such an enormous commercial enterprise, and the viral impact through social media – even for simple Match 3 platforms like Candy Crush Saga – has drawn interest from nearly every age group, Choo suspected that the glut of leisure time people invest in gaming could result in a more productive outcome. Putting her money where her mouth is, she is already leaving the world a better place than the way she found it.

This inquisitive mind, recruited by IBM out of college – then, by Johnson & Johnson – and most recently with lauded McGraw-Hill, is currently immersing herself in eco-based travels. Inevitably and perpetually, she looks at the world through the eyes of innovation:

“When we are financially blest, it is OK to raise our standard of living; but we must also raise our standard of giving. Due to my passion for IT, I always ask: what technology solution can I use that will improve the overall experience of my life, the lives of the people I work with, and the quality of care for the community I live in & the world?"

Global travels have landed her eye-to-eye with some crucial causes: problems requiring urgent attention. Hence, LEVEL-UP 4 GOODTM (formerly Choofca Games) was born.

To date, 4 iOS mobile App games have paved the way with free downloads, through ad supported donations for these NGOs and worldwide exposure in multiple languages. Download each game at Then, tell a friend or 2...or more.

As a result of extensive world residency and travels, personally as well as for business purposes, Choo has deliberately visited and exposed to herself to some of the most remote and exquisite places on the planet. This exposure found her yearning to protect the otherwise pristine natural resources and locations that – in these days of vast and swift land development, deforestation, and economic feast or famine – can become depleted or extinguished entirely, often before the masses even realize what seems to be occurring.

The extent of Choo’s travels bears no resemblance to a weeklong trip to one country here and another there: having seen a few 5 years later. Choo, a devotee who firmly realizes – via first-hand understanding – that travel is the most valuable experience, truly walks the talk and leads by example.

Strolling roads, dining with locals, hiking mountaintops, traversing forests, and diving in the ocean adjacent to an astounding range of more than 40 countries and 233 cities: she has seen most of this armed solely with a backpack. Familiar with 5 languages, she humbly contends that Malay and English are the only two with which she feels particularly accomplished. Nonetheless, Cantonese, Japanese, and Mandarin are all in her current repertoire as well.

Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo have each been considered home at some point, by way of Choo’s career. Side trips for the same purpose frequently took her to Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.

Love Our Coral Triangle meets the market, as LEVEL-UP 4 GOODTM’s latest game, for a cause that resides virtually in Choo’s own backyard. Also known as the Amazon of the Sea, The Coral Triangle is severely under-exposed: particularly to the western world. The Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands are two of the other core causes that also enjoy benefits from Choo’s games.

Choo understands that an effort to impact change first requires awareness. As such, reinforcing interest and generating this awareness – in younger generations particularly – works best through memorable channels and outlets of fun, pleasure…play.

This concept of gamification continues to gain traction through various promotional avenues, including the prestigious TED talks: It expresses what scientific studies now prove, and practical experience has always shown to be true: minds of all ages are far more prone to both engage, and subsequently retain what they learn, through action, challenges, and fun.

Entirely funded by Choo’s own money and time – for both the effort of building the iOS game Apps, as well as the crucial relationships with partnering NGO executives – these free downloads contain the potential to do precisely what such worthy causes require in the process of encouraging change: (1) create awareness through effective education, and (2) channel funds toward sustainability and/or rectifying the root problems for each cause.

LEVEL-UP 4 GOODTM launches a crowdfunding campaign this week to support the development of Android versions for two of the games. At estimated development costs of approximately $5,000 US per game, these goals are very achievable with cooperation from Backer support. As with any crowdfunding initiative, special and personalized Perk incentives are provided for each Backer, in addition to knowing what good rises from your involvement.

Go to the following campaign pages and pledge your support now. Then, grab each free game download, have fun, and spread the word: LEVEL-UP 4 GOODTM!

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