Kwan Yin Healing Celebrates Newly Revised, Streamlined Kwan Yin Healing

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Kwan Yin Healing -- -- announces a significant revision of its signature program, the Kwan Yin Journey, bringing the current 11-week program back into eight weeks along with greater client support and a roll back on the price. The program serves spiritually-conscious adults desiring healthy and fulfilled lives who, despite all they’re already doing, struggle for real world results in achieving better health and happiness.

“Sometimes clients are facing challenging times at present, and while they certainly have the tools,  knowledge, and balance, they would make more rapid progress with some additional insight and assistance to help laser in on specific points."  For these

Kwan Yin Healing's clients’ glowing testimonials support Tim Emerson's ambitious promise: “Get unstuck, Heal your life, and Live your Dreams.”

They’ve read the New Age books, attended the spiritual self-help seminars, practiced yoga and T’ai Chi, meditate, eat the right granola, visualize the life they want, work hard, think positive thoughts… but yet these approaches aren’t working for them.

“I work with spiritually-conscious adults to help them live pain-free, healthy lives filled with the fulfillment and passion they’re been seeking,” explains Tim Emerson of Kwan Yin Healing. “They’ve read the New Age books, attended the spiritual self-help seminars, practiced yoga and T’ai Chi, meditate, eat the right granola, visualize the life they want, work hard, think positive thoughts… but yet these approaches aren’t working for them, despite their best efforts. They want to believe better health and happiness are available now – but it doesn’t seem to be so for them, and they don’t know why not.” To solve these problems, the Kwan Yin Journey was first launched in May of 2013, and has undergone an evolution since to further refine and fine tune the program. The new version is available in spring 2015.

“The Kwan Yin Journey began as an aid to other energy work practice of activation and reconnection. This work initiates a positive transformation over about two months, and while that’s good, the ride can be a little rough sometimes, as old forms rapidly pass and new opportunities come into being. We needed a better way. The Kwan Yin Journey is the fruits of that effort:

1. To help people make this transition more smoothly,
2. To enable people to make the most of this transformation,
3. To help readjust to life after the so many quick changes,
4. To foster community with fellow journeyers, and
5. To support participants in the integration of their journey.”

The program began as a series of eight weekly modules, taking clients through first a number of grounding and preparatory steps, and then through a comprehensive exploration of their physical circumstances, followed by their emotional world, then thought, then spirituality, then awareness. The program then explores the healing nature of these discoveries, and brings participants back into practical realization of having one foot in two different worlds, the old one and the new awareness of reality.

“I noticed, though,” relates Emerson, “that as people started focusing even on the beginning steps and the physical, easy-to-see and handle things, emotional stuff started coming up for them.” So the Journey was adjusted to add an integration week, a meditation, and summaries of the material so far, as the fourth week. An extra week was similarly added in the eighth week, and another action-oriented bonus week added to the end, for an 11-week program. That 11-week version was launched along with live Q&A calls.

Then came the Home Study Version. This was essentially the same 11-week program, only passing along all the recordings, as well as doing the energy work one and one. “That brought the price down,” notes Emerson, “and it works well. But I also noticed that it was hard to keep the momentum going sometimes over 11 weeks.”

So the entire program is now being streamlined and re-launched. “The new version will be all the material, but presented in a more digestible and immediately useful series, over the original time framework of eight weeks. And this time I’m adding follow up sessions, just to check in, see how folks are doing, and help them get the most value and effectiveness from their journey. The price is also going back to the original eight week price, even though they’ll get all the 11 week material and the new stuff as well. It’s a great offer.”

“I know what it’s like to feel a bit lost, like something’s missing, like I should be getting this, that the pieces should be falling into place, that I know what to do… but it still isn’t working the way it’s supposed to happen,” explains Emerson. “And I know what it’s like to watch the pieces fall into place quickly, to find the path to that life passion, to have help materialize at each turn, to find that happiness, joy, peace, and balance, enjoying the richness of life in each moment. We are generally living shadows of the lives we could be living, as Don Miguel Ruiz puts it, asleep in the Dream of the Planet, accepting as ordinary and settled a world that is simply not who we are and could be, if we only knew how. We don’t have to remain so.”

Kwan Yin Healing was founded in January, 2012, to accommodate Emerson’s rapidly growing healing clientele. Since then Kwan Yin Healing has focused on comprehensive solutions to healing health and life path difficulties not being handled by other means. The resulting Four Pillars approach – Clarity, Connection, Coherence and Change – has built demonstrable systems supported by multiple testimonials and membership in the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and the Evolutionary Business Council. More information is available at .

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