United Sovereignty Alliance Issues Call for Citizens Constitution Referendum Vote, in Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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The United Sovereignty Alliance encourages people to set aside politics for a short time and return to Individual responsibility in order to confirm our Constitutional rights.

By giving away our freedoms to the government for some security we will lose both our freedoms and our ecurity

President Obama delivered the State of the Union Address on January 20th, 2015. During his speech he said, “We need a tax code that truly helps working Americans trying to get a leg up in the new economy, and we can achieve that together.” This is in reference to his plan to raise another $320 Billion for his social programs, Western Heritage by raising the corporate tax 2%, and increasing the capital gains tax by 8%. According to the United Sovereignty Alliance, this plan will hurt many Americans who receive pensions and rely on the extra income from capital gains.

Burton Hill founder of the United Sovereignty Alliance, a nonprofit registered in the state of South Dakota, says it's time to remember the words of George Washington when in his farewell address he declared, “Politics will endanger the very fabric of the Constitution.” In response to the address, Hill said, “No American should have to jump through hoops to receive a tax refund after the federal government has deducted anywhere from 21% to 37%.”

According to Hill, repealing and replacing (Amendment Proposal Article 16: Repeal and Replace) the tax code with something simple is not the only solution. The cycle of taxes is dependent on which party is in office, and Hill believes that the only way to end the yoyo-ing cycle of taxes is for the people to vote on a simple tax code that is estimated at 80,000 pages.

Abraham Lincoln said, "The people are the true owners of Congress and the Courts." The United Sovereignty Alliance believes that it's time for all Americans to set aside their individual political bickering and return to individual responsibility.

The United Sovereignty Alliance calls for all Americans to vote on reducing the size and scope of all nonmilitary spending, including but not limited to Abolishing Congressional pensions, eliminating duplicate offices, restructuring the Federal Employee Retirement System, resetting the nonmilitary retirement age for federal employees from 55 to 66 just like 90% of the people do for Social Security. In addition, they are asking Americans to vote on fines and penalties for all federal employees whether elected, appointed, or salaried.

Hill wants to let people know that this cannot be done during an election. The action must be done at least 6 months prior, in order to give the politicians something to think about.

For more information go to the United Sovereignty Alliance’s website, http://unitedsovereigntyalliance.org, details on fines and penalties are found on the government reform page.

About the United Sovereignty Alliance
The Declaration of Independence guarantees the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Our website contains several Amendments to the Constitution, including those from nationally syndicated radio host, and author of Liberty Amendments, Mark Levin, as well as government reforms which we believe the Citizens should have a right to vote on.

“God gave the people the 10 Commandments and the founding fathers gave the Citizens the 10th Amendment,” concludes Hill, “Politicians, from any party, need to distinguish between big businesses and the little mom and pop shops,”

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