Engineer and Author Dean Walker Explains the Relationship of Satellites, Water Tables and the Myth of Gravity's Attraction in New eBook

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Current use of satellites to monitor water tables helps explain the findings reported in Dean Walker's new eBook, Gravity Fields of Energy. The eBook explains gravity's myth of attraction and the true nature of the gravity force.

The depths of Earth’s water tables are now being monitored by using the orbits of Earth’s satellites. The satellites speeds vary depending on how much mass is directly below them. The system involves two satellites and the changing distances between them shows their varying speeds. This has recently been reported on national news programs.

The satellites are showing us how to calculate the amount of water there is in the water tables. Moreover, they are showing us exactly what is powering the gravity fields for all of the heavenly bodies.

Dean E. Walker, a civil engineer, has been a gravity nut since he began his engineering studies about 50 years ago. He has always been reading, writing, and thinking about gravity. He was shown how to use the gravity force but was told that no one knew what produced it. Currently, everyone believes it is caused by an attraction between two objects, but there has never been any known attractive force.

There is a magnetic force, but it only works at close range. Within our solar system, Pluto’s orbit is controlled by our Sun and it is 3.66 billion miles away from the Sun, hardly close range.

The orbiting satellites are showing us answers concerning the force of gravity - and the answers are amazing, yet no one recognizes it. The answers turn everything believed about gravity upside down and prove how fields of gravity really work. A force of attraction only mimics the real force of gravity as they both are using the same masses and distances.

Dean's eBook, Gravity Fields of Energy explains the true nature of the gravity force, complete with mathematical proof. You are invited to learn more about the satellites, water tables, and the proof of gravity’s cause at

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