19 Paths to Financial Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs Over 50

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Leading Business and Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs over 50, Alison Palmer, says, ‘Age is no excuse for not diving into your business and forging your own success. You’ve got to make that decision and find the path that fits with who you are and what you want!”

Leading Business and Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs over 50, Alison Palmer, says, ‘Age is no excuse for not diving into your business and forging your own success. You’ve got to make that decision and find the path that fits with who you are and what you want!”

Twenty trailblazing women reveal their top strategies for women entrepreneurs over 50. Their full interviews are available here: http://www.womenentrepreneursover50.com

  • Take responsibility. “Don’t look around you for reasons why you don’t have financial freedom, your life sucks and the world is falling to pieces. It starts here: make the decision and take action.”
  • Get yourself Unstuck. “If you’re overwhelmed with projects and ideas, and you don’t know which way to turn and what to do first, choose just one and learn how to monetize it and test how effective it is.”
  • Create your business around your lifestyle. “To guarantee that you don’t burn out and you have the time and money to enjoy life even more fully, put your holidays in your calendar first and up-level your products or services.”
  • Stop compromising and take your business seriously. “Thinking you can do everything isn’t realistic so you need to get help with the things you’re not good at. Don’t hang out with people who don’t support you and do get yourself a coach.”
  • Heal your Money Wounds. “Look at how you really feel about money and do what it takes to heal and move on, so that you can open to charging and receiving more.”
  • Confront your internal doubts that sabotage you. “Listen to the conversations you have with yourself that are holding you back, and learn how you can put that self-critic to bed!”
  • Make better and more effective decisions. “If the logical path of business seems like a foreign language to you, learn how to easily access your right brain to make clear decisions that you know are right for you.”
  • Be a leader. “You have a wealth of experience and wisdom accumulated throughout your life-so-far and it’s time to share it. Step into your leadership responsibility and learn how shared leadership roles are more effective, produce better results and less stress.”
  • Change your business model. “If you’ve reached a ceiling on how much you earn and you don’t know how to break through, break the model instead. The old business model trades hours for money whereas the new model shows how to leverage your time, opportunities and create more revenue.”
  • Stop using your head all the time. “Scientific research shows that your heart is the centre of how you know things and that if you use your heart in your organization or business, you connect to your real soul purpose and find ways to make it happen.”
  • Release your voice. “Years of not speaking up will leave you questioning your own value – a real issue for boomer women. Business can’t succeed if you don’t have faith in yourself as no-one else will either. Learn how to speak up truthfully and improve your client relations.”
  • Create an online presence that is right for your stage of business. “You don’t need a full-blown site if you’re just starting out but you do need to know how to turn leads into happy paying clients. If you’re not confident with technology, find someone who knows how and don’t waste time trying to do it yourself.”
  • Separate from your mother. “If ‘Mother knows best’ still echoes through your business, it’s time to separate so that you can become your own powerful adult woman. Mother doesn’t know best, and you don’t need her approval!”
  • Bring Beauty back into your life. “You might have spent a lifetime feeling unbeautiful and now …? (You don’t want to go there!). It’s time to re-evaluate your real beauty and express it powerfully at the hub of your business. Get over your fear of being seen.”
  • Use available resources. “Make use of free and cheap resources online and locally. Find someone to teach you what you don’t know and get support.”
  • Develop Resilience. “Life will knock you down. You can’t avoid it. So get back up. When you’re true to your passion, you don’t let anything stand in your way!”
  • Stop being the good girl! “As a woman over 50 you’re likely an expert at being responsible for others at the expense of yourself. That doesn’t make for happy or productive business. Use creativity to find the wild woman at your center and bring her energy into the core of your projects.”
  • Get wise about money. “How you feel about yourself can be reflected in your financial success – so if you’re not yet financially free, it’s time to look at the different personas you might adopt in your money relationships. Exploring the positive and negative sides of them can show you where you’re going wrong!”
  • Be powerful and pursue happiness. “Use the ‘pause’ of menopause to balance your actions, emotions, spirit and mind in all of your decisions and creativity, so that you can reactivate your story and truly connect financial abundance and spirit.”

About Alison Palmer, WomenEntrepreneursOver50.com
Alison Palmer, PhD, champions Women Entrepreneurs Over 50 to create their own financial freedom through their business. As a broke, self-declared single mom of two at the age of 51, she mined her formidable courage to leap into a new life – of purpose, passion and financial freedom. “Necessity and passion are what fuels boomer women to leap into this adventure – and they need to reach out and find help that fits their needs.” A business and leadership coach, speaker and author, her moto is ‘Step Into It!’

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