Taiwan Tourism Bureau launches new information stations in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Tourism Bureau has launched 26 Information stations to provide its “friendly, convenient, and considerate” tourism information services.

“Excuse me, where can I find delicious food?” “Excuse me. I’d love to buy some local specialty gifts.” “Excuse me, how do I get to this place?” Tourists who have been to Taiwan all share the sweet experiences of asking questions or directions from the caring locals. With Taiwan's unique nature of friendliness, visitors can always ask for help with a simple "Excuse me" at any local stores nearby where amusing surprises await!

“Excuse me,” is the very first phrase foreign visitors will catch on in Taiwan. With this simple phrase, travelers will experience the friendly "Excuse me" exchanges in Taiwanese style. Taiwan Tourism Bureau has launched 26 Information stations to provide its “friendly, convenient, and considerate” tourism information services.

Phase one of the Information Station launch covers a wide range of services and areas including hotels, local specialty gift shops and convenience stores. There are some distant locations like the specialty shop in Northern Lianjiang County, the B&B in Huxi, Penghu County, the soy sauce factory at Douliu in Yunlin County, the Donghe Police Station in Taitung County, the museum at Bali in New Taipei City, and the Shanhua's 24-hour service convenience store in Tainan City. These stations offer free tourism information services to tourists in need. Taiwan Tourism Bureau plans to expand up to 50 stations by next year and spread the service all across the island.

For example, the Taipei Dadaocheng information station - Wang Tea - is a specialty tea house favored by international tourists. When travelers step into this authentic and traditional architecture, they are welcomed by the enticing tea aroma and the professional bilingual greeters for an elegant Taiwanese tea experience. Aoki Yuka, a Japanese writer, has visited this tea house and asked about night markets snacks; the welcoming staff directed her attentively which was a very heartfelt experience for the writer. Aoki Yuka fell deeply in love with Taiwan; it will soon be her 13-year of residence since she decided to permanently relocate to this beautiful island. “When visitors see the Information Station signs, they should feel very comfortable and carefree to ask for information they need without hesitation as well as shopping through alley ways.” She also expressed that Taiwanese people are genuinely caring to tourists; they would naturally offer assistance without being asked. All travelers can now enjoy the same services at all of the locations with the "Information Station" signs, and to fully immerse in the thoughtful "Tour Taiwan" experience.    

The idea of establishing these Information Stations, is to give guidance to tourists who find it difficult to locate a service center away from the major scenic spots. In order to build a tourist service network that will take care of travelers' needs in all aspects, Taiwan Tourism Bureau created these Information Stations in 22 counties around Taiwan. Tourists can walk into any stores with the Information Station signs; a simple “Excuse me” will ensure them with professional and customized service for inquiries about tourism information in surrounding areas.    

For example, Beigan in Lianjiang Country (Matsu) lacks a travel information center and a local specialty gift shop, Xie He Foods (Master Fa), then decided to become an Information Station; it has since become a travel information hub in the community. Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology in New Taipei City has a "mystery box" that provides change of clothes in all sizes for those who are soaked by the rain or those who suffer from car-sickness; parents and children are particularly grateful for this special service. W Food that sells ground fried tuna, has the most loving store manager and assistant manager -Apple and Milk - in Pingtung County's Donggang township. They gather travel information in local areas on a regular basis and display them in-store as references for tourists; the German backpackers were so moved by their thoughtfulness that they mailed in special thank you postcards written in Roman pinyin. For visitors who needed directions in Huxi, Penghu County, they can always conveniently seek help from the amiable staffs at the B&Bs in the area. The police station in Dulan, Taitung County is a famous hub of campgrounds and cycling routes; the officers are also the perfect guides for tourism information.

Information Stations are a ground-breaking travel information service provided by local businesses voluntarily. At the beginning stage, one to two demonstration stations are set up in every county; the bureau can then monitor and observe the services provided for adjustments and improvements. At these Information Stations, trail maps, and QR-codes that will direct tourists to "the cloud" for food, accommodation, scenic spots and shopping information as well as local tourism apps are provided. In addition, most stations are equipped with free WiFi service that allows travelers to swiftly download any electronic travel brochures. To further assist tourists to recharge their energy on the go, some stations even extend their services to providing free charging stations.

Besides all of the great benefits listed above, visiting these Information Stations also gives travelers a chance to enter their lucky draw! Why wait? Come and experience the friendliness of Taiwanese people and the passionate hospitalities from local stores! For more tourism service and Information Station locations details, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau official website at http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/

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