The all New Age-Astonish is the First “Face-Life in a Capsule" and has Just Received Thumbs-Up by FDA to be Taken Orally and Without Prescription

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Fragile facial skin is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging, and until now traditional cellular regeneration products have offered little, if any visible changes in skin vitality. Geneva Beauty Institute's new and revolutionary "Face-Life in a Capsule", Age-Astonish, offers a new, proven alternative to these products through its cutting edge use of wheat derived phytoceramides that have just been approved by the FDA to be taken orally, meaning no more messy creams, painful injections or expensive procedures are needed.

Age-Astonish, an all-natural, FDA approved, plant based capsule from the renowned Geneva Beauty Institute contains 350 mg of potent, fresh phytoceramides, which increase moisture retention in all 5 layers of the skin and stop the elastase enzyme from attacking the skin’s elastin. Every 39 days, the outer layer of skin cells are replaced by fresh cells from the deeper layers of the skin, but studies show that after the age of 50 it takes 50% longer than normal to replace the outer cells. This means the top layer of cells on the face are older, duller and prone to sagging and wrinkles as they aren’t replaced with fresh, elastic skin cells as often. Additionally, as one ages the lipids and ceramides, which provide the skin with elasticity and moisture to keep fine lines and wrinkles away, aren’t created as readily or fully either. Basically, due to old age, the body simply can’t produce enough ceramides to offset the moisture and elastin loss within skin. The ceramides must be replenished in order to repair the ideal balance of these in all levels of the skin.

The best way to replenish ceramide loss is by consuming “wheat-based ceramides,” because they have the same exact chemical makeup as the ceramides naturally produced by the body. Since the ceramides found in Age-Astonish are derived from plants (wheat), they’re technically called “phytoceramides”. Phytoceramides made from wheat hydrate all levels of skin cells and stop the elastase enzyme from attacking the skin’s elastin, which keeps the skin smooth, tight and wrinkle free. This allows the skin to regain its youthful springiness and soft, supple texture. Additionally, wheat based phytoceramides have been found to be an excellent free radical scavenger, meaning it reduces oxidative stress and radiation damage of skin tissue.

Dr. Oz has reported on phytoceramids and said, “This inexpensive oral supplement hydrates your skin from the inside out, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles better than a scalpel.” While store-bought moisturizers can offer slight assistance, to fully nourish the skin back to its youthful appearance, it must be replenished from the inside out, via the blood stream. This allows all five layers of skin to absorb ceramides and lock in deep moisture and elastin. Age-Astonish delivers 350mg of the highest quality phytoceramides to the bloodstream daily, via the ingestion of just one oral capsule.

About Age-Astonish:
Age-Astonish is a new, FDA approved, cutting edge “face-lift in a capsule” that is now available as an oral supplement and without a prescription. It provides 350mg of phytoceramides daily, via an oral capsule. These natural phytoceramides replenish the ceramides lost due to normal cell shedding, skin damage, and aging. Because they are derived from wheat-based ceramides, the phytoceramids found in Age-Astonish have an identical chemical makeup as the ceramides produced by the body. The result is healthy skin cells that are nourished and hydrated through all 5 layers of the facial skin. This rejuvenates cellular lipids, collagen and elastin which cause the skin to become soft, supple and elastic.

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