"D.I.Y. Baby Making" Infographic Updates At-Home Infertility Strategies

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The new "D.I.Y. Baby Making" infographic from Rinovum Women's Health shows couples who are trying to conceive and concerned about infertility both new and established first steps they can take on their own to enhance their chance for pregnancy.

Couples concerned about infertility can do a lot on their own to improve their chance of pregnancy..

D.I.Y. Baby Making

"D.I.Y. Baby Making helps cut through the confusion and identify options supported by medical science." --Steve Bollinger, President and CEO, Rinovum Women's Health

For the one in six couples who struggle with infertility, one of the most trying times comes early on, when they first suspect they are having difficulty conceiving and are unsure where to turn.

To help them navigate, Rinovum Women’s Health, creator of The Stork® OTC home conception aid, is offering a new infographic, “D.I.Y. Baby Making.” The infographic is a practical guide to natural, proven ways couples trying to conceive can improve their chances. Additional advice is available in the "Tips" section of http://www.storkotc.com.

“Couples can do a lot on their own to give nature a nudge,” says Steve Bollinger, Rinovum President and CEO, “even before reaching the 6-12 months of unsuccessful trying required for an infertility diagnosis.”

“’D.I.Y. Baby Making’ helps cut through the confusion and identify options supported by medical science,” Bollinger explains. “For many, these steps not only can help them get pregnant, but also allow them to avoid costly, invasive medical procedures.”

“Do-it-yourself” options highlighted in the infographic include:

1. Go to Your Happy, Healthy Place. Health (of both the mother- and father-to-be) can directly impact fertility, both positively and negatively. Obesity, smoking and drug and alcohol abuse have all been linked to lower fertility rates. Conversely, a healthy diet and sensible exercise can boost fertility and fetal health.

2. Timing is Everything. The window of opportunity for conception is smaller than many realize. A released egg lives only 12-24 hours. Timing intercourse to occur so sperm meet egg at the right time is, therefore, crucial. Because every woman’s cycle is different, pinpointing timing can be aided by learning how to track basil body temperature, use an ovulation predictor kit or analyze cervical fluid.

3. Bringing Sperm and Egg Together. A brand-new option (launched fall 2014) is The Stork OTC, the first and only conception assistance device cleared by the FDA for home use without a prescription. The Stork OTC is safe, easy and intimate. It utilizes a condom-like receptacle and a tampon-like applicator to deliver sperm near the cervix, helping overcome common fertility issues such as low sperm count or sperm motility and unfavorable vaginal environment. It also is a useful aid for LGBT couples. See how it works.

4. Relax and Reconnect. Infertility is a notorious relationship-crusher. Acknowledging this and finding ways to keep the “team” together is essential on many levels.

5. Boxers, and More. The root causes of infertility are as likely to originate with the male partner as with the female. And approximately 90% of all male infertility involves low sperm count or sperm motility. In addition to healthy lifestyle, keeping testes cool by wearing boxers, avoiding hot baths, etc. can help improve sperm health. And, the Stork® OTC can help by delivering more sperm closer to their target.

FDA Clearances
The Stork OTC was cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sales in July 2014. The Rx version of The Stork was launched in the U.S. in late summer 2013. Over-the-counter sales began in the United Kingdom May 2014 and in Canada and the U.S. in September 2014. The Stork OTC is available at http://www.storkotc.com, pharmacies and online retailers.


About Rinovum Women's Health
Rinovum Women's Health is a privately held women's health company dedicated to bringing products into the market that will enhance women's lives and empower them to take charge of their health. The Stork Ib2C, Inc., A Rinovum Women’s Health Company, launches its flagship product, The Stork® OTC, which is a conception aid for reproductive health to assist in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient’s home. Rinovum Women's Health aims to support the development of products that are easy-to-use and safe, as well as a more economical way for a couple to address some of these issues. For more information about Rinovum Women's Health, The Stork Ib2C, Inc., and The Stork OTC, visit http://www.rinovum.com and http://www.storkotc.com.

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