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Share Article provides businesses with the security for data loss prevention they are looking for along with the understanding of laws, rules and regulations required for certain company operations to function properly.

News Image adheres to best practices when managing customer data.

After 15 years of operating under the parent company NetMass, the Server Backup product is being promoted and will be independently marketed as, complete with a new sleek technological framework.

Not only that, founder Mark Martin and his partner Stephen Perkins are offering another new product and division – Branching out to chase “Big Data” is part of a business plan and it provides product solutions for companies with long term storage requirements to meet regulatory compliance with data integrity guarantees. Both businesses mean big things for the newly established subsidiaries.

In 1998, Mark and Stephen started their business on the concept that backing up data over the internet was not only a feasible thing to do, but a necessary task for business owners with large amounts of valuable data. At that time, bandwidth was just coming around while most people had only a modem.

Only 4 other companies in the USA were offering online data backup at the time and they decided to seize the moment. Licensing existing technology, they private-labeled their product, added their own intellectual property on top of that and became the 5th backup provider in the US. As the market grew, business really took off around 2003 when high-speed Internet technology changed the dynamics of the market place. Mark Martin said, “Around 2005, larger players came into the market and dropped the pricing, making it a commodity… pricing went from $50 a month for PC backup to $5.00 a month. The livelihood of desktop and PC backup was out.”

So in 2007, Mark and Stephen began to gear towards the server backup market. This market would prove to be more viable; and because off-the-shelf products would not suffice for complicated business requirements, a custom backup plan or hybrid solutions were needed to address all official data storage and disaster recovery needs. 2011 marked the official halt in providing desktop backup. It also marked the beginning of 100% focus on server backup for businesses and thus was introduced onto the market. adheres to best practices when managing customer data,” Martin said, going on to explain how the company offers each client a “replicated and historical versions” of their backup data – meaning everything that is backed up is also backed up to a second storage array.

“We make sure to meet a disaster recovery checklist so our clients maintain data integrity and pass industry compliance,” said Mark.

All of client data is located in a Tier 1 data facility, which meets all the compliance regulations for disaster recovery where they are physically housed: back up power, constant temperature, security checks and mantraps to ensure no one can get to them. They also ensure replicate copies have all of these checks as well.

Top three industries for are publicly traded companies (SEC compliance), medical (HIPAA compliance) and professional service industries such as accounting and legal (both require long-term record keeping compliance.)

Data Archiving - A New and Brilliant Mandate

Data storage demands and requirements for “big data” are continuing to grow…on a daily basis. Maintaining that data is essential, but much of the older data is not active data. Yet companies are required to hold onto electronic info for compliance and historical record keeping. Many companies that have really large data sets can now offload that data into an archived format. They can accomplish this by moving and securing the data in a way it cannot be modified, such as Write Once Read Many (WORM) Immutable Storage

Hence the birth of another company for Mark and Stephen: This company launched in early 2015 and is sure to follow the same success as and have offices in Houston and Richardson, Texas. They have developed and maintained long-term relations with clients and companies worldwide. Contact them today to learn more about how their solutions meet customer requirements.

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