The Banana Tree Looks to Future with New Website

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35 year old exotic plant and seed business, The Banana Tree, launches new website to easily and securely purchase rare plant seeds.

Take advantage of Fred’s rare connections all over the globe that have led The Banana Tree to become the world’s largest tropical seed selection.

What started out as a fascination with banana trees has come a long way in in the past few decades. Fred Saleet, owner of The Banana Tree in Easton, PA is a rare and unique plant expert. He is now celebrating the launch of his new website, where people from all over the world can purchase hundreds of different types of exotic plant seeds.

When Fred traveled to Florida as a young boy, he would buy banana plants and bring them back home to where he lived in Western Pennsylvania. Banana trees grow in tropical areas and therefore would die when Fred brought them home to cultivate them. Fred later attended Arizona State University and studied botany and biology. He was very inspired by his professors and would take trips from Phoenix to Mexico to study all types of exotic plants. After graduating, Fred traveled into the tropics more and more frequently and developed a strong interest in banana and chocolate plants.

He started his paper catalog, The Banana Tree in approximately 1963. It was published once a year and would feature 20-30 new types of seeds each time. The Banana Tree always featured rare and exotic seeds. When discussing the types of seeds he sells, Fred referred to basic plants as “old lady plants” and said that people typically have the same 30 types of plants in their homes. He thinks people should “grow something exciting, grow a banana.”

As Fred’s business expanded, he discovered more and more about the different types of rare and unique seeds that exist in the world. He is licensed and has special permits to bring seeds back from a large and diverse array of countries all over the globe. The expansion of his catalog eventually brought him to Easton, PA where he wrote a “Tropical Garden” column for the Easton Express and opened his store, The Banana Tree about 35 years ago.

Just like his catalog, Fred’s store only sold rare and exotic seeds. His specialties vary depending on what is popular at the moment. Many of the seeds are sold for different purposes other than growing them to have the plant. For example, aloe is a popular plant because some women like to put it in their hair. All the different uses of the plants that Fred sells has helped his business to grow.

Visit The Banana Tree’s new website,, and discover all of the different types of exotic seeds that are available to purchase. Take advantage of Fred’s rare connections all over the globe that have led The Banana Tree to become the world’s largest tropical seed selection. The new site offers new and improved shipping and helpful growing tips for those who plan on growing an exotic plant. When talking about The Banana Tree, Fred said “Everything is getting bigger and better; you never know what’s next.”

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