Harbor Village Detox Asserts the Drug Enforcement Administration Is Limiting Doctors’ Abilities to Treat Drug Addiction

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Harbor Village Detox, a national inpatient medical detox facility, responds to the Huffington Posts' findings on the DEA restricting medical practices from effectively treating patients of substance abuse.

People were suddenly left without their dose, they had to do something. It drove people back into the street. We definitely saw the effects.

On Jan. 28th the Huffington Post published a massive article addressing the many failings of drug treatment, and the stigma in the US. According to the Huffington Post, the DEA is effectively curtailing the abilities of doctors around the nation to effectively administer drug treatment to severe drug addicts. America has a limited stance on drug treatment, in that the nation is overwhelmingly of the consensus that drug treatment must revolve around the notion of abstinence. Abstinence includes the denial of synthetic opiate medications that can help serious drug addicts from overdosing fatally, and abusing illicit drugs. Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox center committed to successfully treating their patients in a manner which drastically reduces the chance of relapse.

Methadone, suboxone, and buprenorphine are various synthetic medications that are designed to satisfy the biological necessity for addicted persons to achieve normalcy, until their chemical levels return to normal. There is a stigma against these drugs, that have been proven to reduce relapse and drug related fatalities. The ill feelings stem from the belief that synthetic medications create the same dependencies under a different name. When administered by a responsible doctor, who is monitoring their patients, this is hardly the case, says the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post quotes Dr. marvin Seppala, “We are trying to save lives. This is a crisis. It’s essential that we do everything we can, so we cannot base our decision on philosophy or preference. We have to base it on science. We have to base it on research.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration is imposing laws on medical professionals that require them to treat only a set number of drug addicts. Doctors are only allowed to prescribe Suboxone to 30 patients for their first year of practice, and 100 for each subsequent year of service, according to the Huffington Post.

When a rehabilitation clinic staff was asked who has ever lost a patient due to an overdose after treatment, more than half of the professionals there raised their hands, according to the Huffington Post. Auriacombe said, “Everyone agreed that we couldn’t continue doing what we had been doing, people were not satisfied, including those that were the most abstinence orientated.”

Following the trend of ill fated policies, the federal government imposed a two year Suboxone limit, forcing many people to seek the drug back on the streets, according to the Huffington Post. Ronni Katz stated, “People were suddenly left without their dose, they had to do something. It drove people back into the street. We definitely saw the effects.”

A Harbor Village detox associate said, “The government essentially induced recovered addicts into sudden withdrawal by enacting federal limitations. Although their intentions are rooted in the desire to not create a society that is addicted to drugs, that are meant to break addiction for illicit drugs, there needs to be supplemental treatments established to wean people from these medications. That is a standard medical practice. It’s surprising that better care wasn’t taken to stave off such a predictable event. The DEA is also working against people with substance use disorders, it’s baffling to say the least, and downright irresponsible.”

Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox center that is committed to giving their patients treatment that is proven to stave off relapses after graduation from detox. Their medical professionals understand the impact of lifesaving medications, and use every available resources to ensure that drug users do not regress into lives riddled by addiction. Upon graduation, patients are connected to Harbor Village Detox’s associate rehabilitation centers and sober living communities to guarantee their longevity and continued health.

For more information on the inpatient medical detox center, Harbor Village, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call 1-855-290-4261.

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