Heroin 12 Step Programs Lead to Relapse and Overdose Fatality, According to the Huffington Post

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Harbor Village comments on The Huffington Posts' recent article on the use of medical treatment for heroin patients.

Methadone is a synthetic opiate medicine that helps opiate users abstain from opiate based drugs, by providing their bodies with the biological necessity of an opiate, while learning to overcome heroin use.

On Jan. 28th the Huffington Post published a gargantuan muli-chaper article on the debilitating effects of drug use and how drugs affect the families of substance users. In Kentucky there isn’t a politically sanctified definition of treatment, as such, those who enroll in drug rehabilitation, or treatment programs get a mixed bag of results when it comes to effective drug treatment. Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient rehabilitation center servicing the entire U.S. Their facility works with associated accredited drug rehabilitation centers and sober living communities to promote the continued wellness of their patients after they graduate from drug detoxification.

According to the Huffington Post, “few, if any, of the hundreds of employees at the 15 [drug treatment] facilities implementing [drug] programs are medical professionals,” most of the treatment centers in Kentucky adhere to a 12 step program method of treatment. There are some facilities that will not allow methadone to become part of treatment, because they believe abstinence is the best way for their program members to stay drug free.

Those who relapse after leaving these quasi drug treatment facilities are at a higher risk of overdose then when they started treatment. Those who leave treatment still herald an intense physical craving for the drug, yet their system’s tolerance has dissipated with time. When the person with a substance abuse disorder ingests the dose of heroin that they are accustomed to it leads to a heightened chance of an overdose fatality.

The inpatient rehabilitation center, Harbor Village Detox, firmly asserts that state licensed medical professionals are a necessary component of drug rehabilitation. A medical staff member from the facility comments, “Addiction is not a purely psychological condition, there are various biological components that tie into addiction, and create heavy physical dependencies. The Americanized stigma surrounding medical treatment with synthetic opiates for drug addiction is hurting the population, by restricting assess to proper medical care that doesn't end in death. Most people don't understand that drug addiction is self medication. People take drugs as a means to escape their reality. Drug addiction is not a character flaw, it is a severe response to emotional upheaval.”

When asked about recommendations for future drug treatment, a Harbor Village Detox associate said, "We can only progress [in treatment] as far as our environment will allow us. The first obstacle we have to overcome is the stigma surrounding drug treatment for substance abusers. It is mostly the influence of their loved ones and their communities that will cause substance abusers to try and stick with programs like NA without medical drugs- and that is eventually what leads to relapse."

The inpatient rehabilitation center, Harbor Village Detox, serves the US nationally, and aims to rescue those suffering from substance abuse. At Harbor Village Detox medical treatment is their primary objective. They carefully administer medications to stave off the effects of withdrawal, making abstaining from addictive substances easier. Although Harbor Village is a medical facility, the professionals at Harbor Village detox understand that addiction is also an internal struggle. They provide therapy sessions, meditation treatment, and holistic activities for patients to participate in.

For more information about Harbor Village Detox visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call 1-855-290-4261.

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