Single Dose of Alpha BRAIN Significantly Increases Processing Speed

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A study result destined to change the landscape of competitive athletics and gaming revealed significant improvements in processing speed for patients taking the ‘Earth Grown Balanced Nootropic’ produced by Onnit.

The implications of this study change the competitive landscape in many fields... there is no reason that Alpha BRAIN shouldn’t be taken by every competitor who could benefit from increased processing speed or reaction time.

A group of 18 subjects from the flagship Alpha BRAIN clinical trial enrolled in a sub-study that measured brain wave electrical activity during an active response task known as the “three stimulus oddball paradigm.” Subjects were asked to differentiate between a standard tone (1000hz) and a target tone (2000hz), as well as ignore a distracter tone (white noise), and click a hand held button when hearing the target. A typical brainwave pattern shows a positive upward reflection that peaks between 250-400 ms, known as the p300. The latency of this peak reflects engagement of attention and processing speed.

The subjects were randomized to either ingest Alpha BRAIN or placebo. Measurements were collected prior to supplementation at baseline (day 0), 45-minutes after supplementation (day 1), and after the full supplementation period (day 45). Three time point collections allowed assessment of the physiological effects resulting from both single and continuous doses of Alpha BRAIN. There were no significant differences between the groups at baseline.

Analysis of the data showed significantly shorter latencies of the p300 waveforms, both target (p3b) and distractor tones (p3a), for the Alpha BRAIN group on Day 1 after ingestion of a single dose (p<0.01). The difference between the two groups amounted to 24.99 ms. Furthermore, the faster response time persisted over time with significant differences at the end of the 45 days (p<0.05) for the p3a latency.

The difference in peak amplitude represents another profound finding. Not only was the latency of the response to the stimuli shorter, but the waveform also reached higher maximum amplitude when subjects detected the distracter tone (p3a) and target tone (p3a) in recordings from frontal electrodes. Taken together, these results indicate that an increased amount of attentional resources are being dedicated to the task by taking Alpha BRAIN, even after a single dose. This is a strong indication that Alpha BRAIN may provide potential benefits in attention and processing speed in both the acute and prolonged setting.

“The implications of this study change the competitive landscape in many fields. When you combine the incredible safety data from the full clinical trial, the confirmation that Alpha BRAIN is banned substance free from BCSG, with this result demonstrated here, there is no reason that Alpha BRAIN shouldn’t be taken by every competitor who could benefit from increased processing speed or reaction time,” commented Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus.

One of those fields is mixed martial arts. Onnit athlete and UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw commented, “Increasing reaction time is huge in our sport since fractions of a second can determine an entire fight. I believe timing and speed are the most important attributes for a fighter. I’ve been taking Alpha BRAIN for several years, so while I am happy to see the data, it is unfortunate I can't keep this product a secret from the world!"

Another competitive landscape that is buzzing over the announcement of the news is that of competitive gaming. “I posted the news to my social feed and we got a flood of messages from competitive gamers. For them, 25 milliseconds is the difference between virtual life and virtual death. The correlation between the testing methodology and what is required to be an elite performer in the field of gaming is really exciting,” added Marcus.

Onnit is reviewing a variety of conferences to present this data and is expecting peer review and publication in mid 2015.

For more information contact Jarrett(at)onnit(dot)com.

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