New Num, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi, Siemens LCD and CRT Monitors Available Immediately on!

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On the CNC-Shopping website a large number of new CRT and LCD monitors in sizes ranging from 9 to 14-inch and compatible with a number of different references are available online.

A wide range of monitors from manufacturers such as Num, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi and Siemens are available, including the following models:

NUM 750 760 9-inch monitor: This is a NUM 750 black and white 9-inch cathode ray monitor compatible with digital controls NUM 750 and NUM 760 (all generations including the 1st and MILL, NUM 750 M, NUM 750T, NUM 750B, NUM 760M, NUM 760T, NUM 760B).
This black and white CRT NUM 9 inch monitor can replace a faulty monitor together with the NUM 750 and NUM 760 LCD version monitors. In addition, CNC-Shopping has a permanent stock of this model to ensure same-day shipment.

NUM 1060 14-inch monitor: This is a NUM 1060 LCD 14-inch monitor type NUM 216900003 compatible with the NUM 1000 and Power ranges (all generations of NUM 1060 with 14 inch colour monitors, NUM 1060M, NUM 1060T) as well as various versions of NUM 1060 Modular and 10xx (1040, 1020, 1062 etc.) CNCs.
This 14-inch NUM 216900003 LCD monitor is ready to replace your defective monitor and comes with a functional warranty. In addition, this model comes with a power cable and an instruction manual for setting adjustments made via the integrated interactive OSD menu.

Fanuc A61L-0001-0094 monitor: This is a FANUC A61L-0001-0094 14-inch colour LCD version monitor for mounting on Fanuc 0-MC, 0-TC, 0-MD and 15A, 15B, 15M, 15T, Fanuc 16, Fanuc 18 CNCs and other systems. This monitor can replace a defective CRT FANUC CRT A61L-0001-0094 monitor and comes with a 12 month warranty replacement for a new model.

Fanuc A61L-0001-0092 monitor: This is a Fanuc 9-inch black and white CRT A61L-0001-0092 monitor for a Fanuc digital control with Fanuc 9-inch video MDI operator panel.
This FANUC A61L-0001-0092 monitor is compatible with the FANUC 0-A, 0-B, 15 digital controls and is generally used on Fanuc 0-MA (FS - 0A), Fanuc 0-MB (FS-0B), Fanuc 0-TA, Fanuc 0-TB (FS-0B) and Fanuc 15 (FS-15, 15-TA, 15-MA, 15-MF, 15-TF) digital controls. This model is available in stock and in significant quantity for immediate shipment.

Fanuc A61L-0001-0093 monitor: This monitor is also identified under the technical reference CRT display Unit A13B-0057-C001 and is compatible with TOTOKU Electric MDT947B - 2A.
This Fanuc A61L-0001-0093 model is typically used on Fanuc 0C (FS - 0, 0-TC, 0-MC 0-MF, 0-TF, 0-Mate C, 0-Mate F), Fanuc 15 model B (FS-15, 15-TB, 15-MB), Fanuc 16 models A, B, C and Fanuc18 models A, B, C digital controls. In addition, this monitor is available both new and used.

Heidenhain BC120 monitor: It is a new monitor compatible with the HEIDENHAIN BC120 (BC-120) model that replaces the former BC120 CRT.This industrial HEIDENHAIN BC120 monitor is supplied in a protective packaging, accompanied by its power cable (video cable for connection to your TNC) and instruction manual for the setting adjustments. In addition, no specific handling is necessary during the installation of this monitor.

Heidenhain BE412B monitor: This is a 12-inch CRT HEIDENHAIN BE412B black and white amber type monitor under the reference BE412B for HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 digital control. This 12-inch BE412B CRT monitor can replace defective hardware and is available as new (with a 12 month replacement warranty) or used (accompanied by a 2 month return to site warranty).

Heidenhain BF150 LCD 15-inch colour monitor: This is a HEIDENHAIN BF150 15-inch LCD colour iTNC 530 monitor with built-in Heidenhain type keyboard which can replace a faulty HEIDENHAIN BF150 monitor. This monitor is typically used on HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 Mill Plus (iTNC530 Mill Plus) CNCs and is compatible with the HEIDENHAIN BF150 (BF-150) model. To ensure a quick and easy replacement, no specific handling is required when installing this LCD monitor.

Heidenhain BF155 DMG iTNC 530 LCD monitor: This is a HEIDENHAIN BF155 LCD DMG Id monitor: 2833657 15-inch colour iTNC 530 / MillPlus MillPlus IT with integrated keyboard and also identified under the reference Heidenhain Id.Nr. 365 340-04. This model is compatible with the model HEIDENHAIN BF155 (BF-155). In addition, it is sold with a return to site warranty, which means that the monitor will be repaired or will be replaced by a similar product.

Mitsubishi M32 T32 14-inch colour monitor: This is a MITSUBISHI MAZAK brand 14-inch colour LCD monitor also identified under the reference A1QA8DSP40 for MITSUBISHI MAZAK MAZATROL M & T (M-2, M-32, T-2, T-32) CNC machine tools. This screen is notably used to replace the CRT 14 inch colour version. In addition, this monitor is available as new for immediate shipment and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Siemens 6FC3988-7AH20 12-inch LCD monitor: This is a Siemens Sinumerik 12-inch colour LCD monitor also identified under the reference SIEMENS 6FX3988-7AH20. This monitor is suitable for Siemens Sinumerik 820, Sinumerik 850, Sinumerik 880 CNCs and also for the older versions SIEMENS SINUMERIK 3T, 3M, and 3TT. In addition, this LCD 12-inch monitor can replace all LCD or CRT screen versions in 12 inch and colour format.

To ensure a high quality of service to its customers, CNC-Shopping uses dedicated test benches to verify that each monitor functions correctly.

Equally, a significant quantity of new screens from manufacturers such as Num, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi and Siemens are currently in stock and available for immediate shipment.

To respond effectively to the needs of their customers, CNC-Shopping offers products which are available immediately and guarantees express shipping of orders.

Furthermore, qualified technicians are available to assist customers and provide permanent support to help in the process of preventive maintenance.

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