DeskAlerts Introduces Language Translation Feature To Message Compilation Process

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DeskAlerts announced feature that allows administrators to send messages in a variety of different languages.

DeskAlerts has integrated its service with a globalization friendly feature that allows administrators to send messages in a variety of different languages. Quick, simple and easy to use, the all new feature ensures that every employee receives a message in their preferred language.

While the previous version could be used only if a publisher was familiar with a preferred alternative language, DeskAlerts software engineers have now integrated a multi-language alert feature powered by an automatic translation engine. Using this intelligent internal communications software publishers speaking only one language can quickly translate a message into several dialects.

The new feature builds on the recent roll out of French and Russian to the DeskAlerts interface. Last autumn DeskAlerts software developed upgraded the Control Panel to offer users French and Russian options. The innovative function received a hugely positive reception from the company’s global portfolio of clients which inspired DeskAlerts to further enhance its multi-language capacity.

Vdovin explains, “English, French and Russian are three of the most widely used languages on the planet. While our original upgrade offered end users the ability to customise Control Panel language the new version allows administrators to send messages in the language of their choice. It’s quick, easy and guaranteed to enhance productivity in any workplace with a multicultural staff base.”

While English is the de facto language of the USA the latest results from the 2011 Census revealed that a large portion of American’s speak alternative languages at home. 905,843 US citizens now adopt Russian, a figure that has quadrupled over the past three decades. French is another popular primary household language, spoken by around 1.33 million people. The UK is also a multicultural melting pot, with the nation’s immigrant populations adopting a range of different dialects. A large portion of African-born immigrants speak French as a first or second language, with 23% of the nation understanding the Indo-European Romance language. Globally, French is the world’s 18th most spoken language, with Russian making it into the top 10 at number eight.

While the majority of workplaces based in Western countries adopt English as their primary language it’s important for managers to realize that quashing multiculturalism may not always be the most efficient option. When it comes to speed and clarity native tongues always reign supreme. Furthermore, a recent Forbes Insights report revealed that workplace diversity is the key to success. Focusing on a series of case studies, the insightful report concluded that there is a clear-cut relationship between multicultural workforces and competitive advantage.

Vdovin explains, “Today we’re seeing an increasing number of workforces embrace employee diversity and use it to foster innovation, fresh new ideas and market advantage.”

Yet without employees that share the same origins communicating in native tongues can sometimes prove difficult. DeskAlerts offers a definitive solution to the issue with its intelligent automatic translation engine that allows administrators to send multi-language messages in just seconds.

The new feature also comes in the wake of a series of workplace disputes regarding the use of languages other than English in corporate environments. One of the most recent high profile cases was a Polish HobbyCraft worker who claims she was banned from speaking her native tongue while at work. The case caused global controversy and caused the UK to question its attitudes toward equality, workplace laws and the support of a diverse society. DeskAlerts is encouraging multiculturalism in the workplace by offering employers the opportunity to communicate with employees in their native tongue. Not only will this augment productivity but it will also boost employee satisfaction.

Using the new automatic translation engine feature is easy. Administrators simply draft a message in English, then request the content to be translated into the language of their choice. The automatic translation engine will instantaneously generate an accurate conversion which can then be sent to selected employees.

With a myriad of clients located across the globe the new automatic translation engine is set to be an instant hit. From insurance and finance to healthcare and education, the feature will help workplaces boost productivity across the board.

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