New Consumer Advocate Website From Investigative Journalist David Kohn Provides Crucial Advice on Selecting a Financial Advisor, Long Term Care Insurance and More

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Respected reporter David Kohn, the Pain-in-the-Butt Consumer Advocate, digs up accurate, detailed consumer information delivered as easy-to-digest digital reports.

Your Best Money Secrets

use the hints, traps, tips and secrets I’ve unearthed to pick top-grade professionals or buy and rent the things you want and need

Trusted reporter David Kohn’s new website provides valuable advice on some of the most complex and costly consumer products and services. Kohn, a prize-winning investigative journalist and consumer advocate, has spent his life probing for information, deeply analyzing it, then assembling it in a user-friendly form. Tapping into his journalistic skills, with more than twenty-five years of making well-researched consumer decisions, he’s created a new website, to share what he’s learned in easy-to-read digital reports.

Recognized as the Pain-In-the-Butt Consumer Advocate, Kohn has more than two decades of reporting experience, digging hard to get answers, then explaining the information in plain English. He has also had a lifelong passion for unearthing tons of information to guide him personally when considering an important purchase.

When Kohn was looking for a financial planner, he spent considerable time finding three great ones. Then he grilled them for more than two hours apiece. When buying long-term care insurance, he found the most financially stable companies, then developed nearly six pages of probing questions to ask insurance agents. When he found the right company but discovered he had the wrong agent, he fired the agent but kept the company. When he and his wife went house-hunting, he created a long, long list of questions to be answered and criteria to be met before ever considering making an offer.

It’s not surprising that Kohn is known as the Pain-In-the-Butt Consumer Advocate. He’s not mean or confrontational. But he is persistent and comes armed with crucial questions and information.

Now, savvy consumers can take advantage of what Kohn has learned without becoming a pain in the butt themselves. The reports on his new website will lift the burden of doing hours and hours of research off the reader’s back. Kohn arms them with valuable information so anyone can find the right person, right product or right service they need — successfully and with a lot less strain and aggravation.

“It’s not just the big stuff I sink my teeth into,” says Kohn. “When I was looking to rent a storage locker, the exasperated manager of one facility asked: ‘All these questions just for a storage locker?’ My reply: ‘You’re damned lucky you’re not selling me a car!’ All of the goods and services I write about I’ve hired, bought or rented myself, so I personally know the drill.”

Your Best Money Secrets is being launched with special reports on two of the most expensive and difficult services to research: Long Term Care Insurance policies and selecting the right financial planner. Other reports in the works include how to find the right mattress, selecting a Trust Company, buying a new home and choosing a trustworthy auto mechanic.

“Instead of plowing through the research yourself, you can use the hints, traps, tips and secrets I’ve unearthed to pick top-grade professionals or buy and rent the things you want and need,” adds Kohn. “I’ll save you hours of research time – time you could spend instead making money, pursuing your favorite hobby or hanging out with family and friends.”

Kohn will continue to write reports sharing money-saving tips and strategies for making many other large-ticket purchases. He also includes the “must-ask questions” and little known facts designed to avoid refunds and regrets. His website and blog posts will also feature insider advice on important financial decisions most consumers make.

The information at will help consumers make smarter, more confident decisions on the dozens of choices and purchases they have to make month after month. The new website will be their source for some of the best money secrets – without having to be a Pain-in-the-Butt consumer themselves.

About Your Best Money Secrets

Created by prize-winning investigative journalist David Kohn, who has written about various consumer-focused topics during his 20-plus years in journalism, this new website provides the right questions to ask before making big-ticket consumer purchases. These tasty questions, as well as advice, secrets, tips and other insights, are served up in easy-to-read digital reports based on months of David Kohn’s in-depth research. For more information on available reports and other tips, visit

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