Spray to Drink Pressurized Fluid Delivery System Receives Second Patent

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OGWA Corp.'s two-chamber reservoir and pressure-resistant bite valve combine to hydrate, irrigate, share and wash.

Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. It also helps the muscles work efficiently, according to the American Heart Association. Quite simply, maintaining good hydration is absolutely critical to maintaining good health.

Now new technology is bringing greater efficiency to those seeking an alternative to the waste and expense of bottled water.

One technology company based in Park City, Utah, believes the time is right for a portable pressurized hydration system that sprays water rather than require that it be drawn out by mouth. This month, OGWA Corp., founded in 2009, received its second patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a fluid delivery valve that can withstand the flow of pressurized fluid without leaking.

Standard bite valves are not made to withstand pressure. One advantage of pressurized fluid delivery – of particular interest to the military – is that contaminated water can be driven through robust filters at 8-10 psi, a higher pressure than the user can draw into the mouth themselves.

OGWA’s first patent, issued in 2011, was for a fluid reservoir containing two chambers – one for fluid, the other for pressurized air created by a squeeze bulb. The partition prevents the reservoir from ballooning out of shape, yet still allows it to conform to a variety of backpack sizes.

Now these two technologies – the reservoir and the “spray to drink” valve – are ready for manufacturers to consider adopting for a variety of end-use applications, from sports, to military, medical, and emergency preparedness, among others.

On the playing field, the OGWA hydration system eliminates wasteful plastic water bottles, and the litter from water cups and coolers. The 100 oz. bladders also provide greater capacity than 26 to 32 oz. squeezable bottles, and like a hand-held water fountain, can be safely shared among players since mouths never touch the valve.

Mountain bikers can use the OGWA device to hydrate as well as cool themselves. Dog walkers can hydrate their furry friends, sharing water hygienically with the spray feature.

In medicine, the spray to drink feature can hydrate patients and cleanse and irrigate wounds; nursing homes or hospice facilities can use the system for patients – especially the elderly with limited mobility – to self-hydrate instantly, without requiring assistance (and the resultant manpower costs) from aides.

“In essence, what we’ve created is a portable fountain that can be used anywhere it’s beneficial to have rapid access to water, nutritional drinks, and other fluids,” said Harlan Gardiner, CEO of OGWA Corp. “It’s an elegant delivery system that provides spray to drink convenience.”

Gardiner continues, “Anyone using a pressurized reservoir with OGWA technology will hydrate more during an activity because of the speed and volume of water delivered, all without having to stop breathing to drink. Add to that the ability to spray to cool off, clean off, share, and filter, and suddenly a pressurized hydration pack makes sense.”

OGWA is looking to present the technology to companies in various markets for sale or licensing. For more information: Harlan Gardiner, 800 532 0530, hgardiner(at)ogwacorp(dot)com, ogwacorp.com

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