SST Releases Updated Energy Savings Guide for 2015

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In a collaboration of expert tips, SST releases updated energy saving guide for 2015.

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Homeowners need an updated guide to help keep their costs low throughout the coming year

SST is a one of a kind team of experts that encourages homeowners on saving energy to help the environment and lower their monthly expenses. Various experts teamed up to make what they are calling the “Updated Energy Savings Guide for 2015.” In a year where so many new forms of renewable energy is being introduced to the market, homeowners need an updated guide to help keep their costs low throughout the coming year while limiting harmful emissions. According to a SST representative their guide consists of tips to save energy driving, air conditioning, heating, and even home solar system tips for consumers in 2015.

“Many people are under the impression that they are not able to make a significant impact on our environment without investing in a renewable energy source. This guide exists to show homeowners the possibilities they already have control over within their own homes,” says Jacob from SST. Jacob continues to explain the importance of the guide, “This is a resource sheet of saving energy and it is such a great tool for homeowners to use and refer to when they see spikes in their energy costs at the close of their statements.”

Statistics do show that utility bills have been rising 5% every year on average since 2005.

The country becomes more dependent on foreign energy and it weekends the economy. Saving energy not only brings the homeowners money back in their pockets but back in the pockets of thousands of americans all the while battling global warming. SST has released the first set of tips for homeowners to read, here they are;

“These tips are suggestions only. SST welcomes you to incorporate your own safe energy saving techniques to battle global warming and rising utility rates.

1) Investing in a solar system for your home is the most powerful energy saving tactics available to homeowners. With options for leasing and financing available homeowners can now start paying a locked in reduced fixed price on energy every month while feeling good about saving the environment.

2) Most water heaters in homes are set to around 140 degrees. You are able to get the necessary amount of heat to your water with just 120 degrees. No need to use up energy for that extra 20 Degrees of water heating.

3) Pick up an energy efficient thermostat control for your HVAC system.

4) Try not using the dishwasher for the dry cycle. Energy Star dishwashers are energy conservative however it is still important to try and air dry or cloth dry your dishes.

5) Weather permitting, hang a clothesline and give your dryer a rest by air drying your newly washed clothes

7) When driving, avoid intense burst of pressure on the accelerator to not increase gas output per mile.

8) Unplug your main power strips for your television set up when leaving for a weekend or vacation, with option to do it every night, depending on the homeowner.

9) Invest in energy efficient light bulbs, bulbs should have the energy star logo on them.

10) Turn the light off when you leave the room, it really does make a difference.”

Homeowners who want more info can schedule a free in home energy saving consultation with SST online at their website.

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