The Obama Administration Phases Out the War on Drugs

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Harbor Village Detox comments on the long awaited anticipation of increased coverage by the Affordable Care Act, as reported by Vox.

Here [at Harbor Village Detox] we’re able to offer coverage to the majority of our patients, but out there, there are other rehabilitation and detoxification centers that don’t have the accreditation merits...

The War on Drugs was ignited in the 70s as a means to combat the rife trafficking of drugs and subsequent addiction and substance abuse. The War on Drugs has fomented the widespread persecution of countless low-risk offenders and high profile drug dealers. In the end, the War on Drugs achieved what it set out to do, yet it is continuing to cause more harm to the public community who is in need of drug rehabilitation and treatment, as opposed to incarceration. According to Vox. on Feb. 2nd “the Obama administration says it wants to change its approach to the war on drugs to put more emphasis on the medical rather than law enforcement side.” Harbor Village Detox is an alcohol and drug inpatient medical detox treatment center that serves the US nationwide. The facility keeps abreast of changing drug policies to readily cater to the influx of patients looking to receive rehabilitation treatment.

According to Vox, in response to the restrictions placed upon painkiller access between 2011 and 2013 the rate of heroin overdose fatalities reached a record high, and increased from 4,400 overdose deaths to 8,300.

Harbor Village Detox serves its patients as an inpatient medical detox center, and anticipates the extra support the Affordable Care Act will provide its clients. An associate for the center says, “It’s awful when people can’t afford drug and alcohol treatment. When I hear stories of overdose, it makes me think that our system of coverage isn’t serving its ultimate purpose. Here [at Harbor Village Detox] we’re able to offer coverage to the majority of our patients, but out there, there are other rehabilitation and detoxification centers that don’t have the accreditation merits to offer their clients extended coverage. But someone who is looking for drug and alcohol treatment is more than a ‘client.’ That person is looking to overcome physical and psychological dependence. I look forward to seeing what the Affordable Care Act will do for people struggling with substance use disorders.”

A Harbor Village Detox associate commented, "The federal government is taking a great stand, threatening to withhold funding from clinics who refuse suboxone and methadone treatments. We're on the front lines here in addiction treatment, and we witness first hand how incredible these medications are in the successful recovery of our patients."

A medical associated commented, "There is a harmful stigma surrounding substance abusers and addicts- that locking them up will fix their addiction. It doens't. Time and time again we see addicts enter and exit jail with the same problems of abuse. Our jails and prisons are not equipped to extensively treat the number of substance abusers being arrested. There needs to be a crucial shift from the persecution of victims of substance abuse to the rehabilitation of violators of drug laws. That's the only way we're going to make a dent in America's drug problem- by directly addressing and treating the catalyst of abuse."

Harbor Village Detox is committed to the continued health of their patients, and employs the use of methadone and suboxone to treat patients suffering from substance use disorders. The facility specializes in purging the body of illicit substances, and is the first line of care in the successful treatment of drug addicts. The facility serves substance and alcohol abusers across the nation, and is located in sunny South Florida. Furnished with lush spa amenities, Harbor Village Detox offers 24/7 medical treatment, private bedrooms, and provides patients with therapy. For those who graduate the program, Harbor Village Detox recommends patients for continued care, including outpatient rehabilitation, and sober living halfway house programs.

For more information about Harbor Village and their extended inpatient medical detox, sober halfway house, and outpatient rehabilitation programs, visit or call

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