Gov. Christie Pushes for the Compassionate Treatment for Victims of Drug Abuse

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Harbor Village Detox comments on Reuters’ recent article revolving governor Christie’s stance on treating substance abuse victims with compassion, as opposed to prison sentences.

Right now, as a country, we are convinced that addiction is a personal choice- when it is much more than that. Addiction is a disease of the mind and body

New Jersey has become a bustling haven for heroin addiction and abuse. In recent days New Jersey governor (R) Chris Christie, has become a champion for those who succumb to addiction. Reuters on Feb. 3rd reported that Christie confronted his party members, saying “It’s easy to be pro-life when they’re in the womb, they haven’t done anything wrong yet, you know, they haven’t made any bad judgments. Tell me that you’re pro-life with a kid who’s lying on the floor of a jail cell basement addicted to drugs.” In the same article, Reuters says Christie thinks “addiction should be treated like a disease rather than a personal failure.” Harbor Village Detox is a drug and alcohol treatment center nestled in South Florida. The facility’s goal is to rescue victims suffering from substance use disorders across the nation.

A Harbor Village Detox associate said “We need more government official like Christie who are supportive of the immense struggles addicts go through. We see it every day here at our facility, people who are genuinely trying to get clean, who are trying to become more than they are- and sometimes the law gets in the way of that. Arresting people who are suffering from acute substance abuse aren’t helped when they are confined to a cell. When they’re released they still harbor the habits that got them arrested in the first place. People who abuse drugs are mostly self medicating. They’re not in it for the perennial “party” everyone is always raving about. These are people with problems, deep-seated problems, and they don’t know how to cope with them.”

When prompted about what can be done to improve the treatment of substance abusers, a Harbor Village Detox associate commented “The more information- and that is, viable information, that’s out there the faster we’re going to see a change in federal and state policies. Right now, as a country, we are convinced that addiction is a personal choice- when it is much more than that. Addiction is a disease of the mind and body, and until more people are receptive to this fact, people who are struggling with addiction will continue to get arrested. Once people have been exposed to the underlying truths of addiction- which aren’t pretty- I think they’ll begin to understand more what needs to be done to effectively curb addiction. The only matter is time, and unfortunately, the lives of those people who will continue to struggle until this illumination is realized.”

The drug and alcohol treatment center, Harbor Village Detox, is governed by the principles of transparency, excellence, and attentiveness. The inpatient medical detox center is a haven for recovery drug and alcohol abusers who are trying to beat their addictions. Harbor Village Detox has earned accreditation by The Joint Commission; their medical staff is available 24/7 to make sure that clients are not suffering from the effects of withdrawal. The facility is located in sunny south Florida, but services the entire united states. The facility helps to arrange travel accommodations in extreme cases.

For more information about the drug and alcohol treatment center, Harbor Village Detox, visit or call 1-855-290-4261.

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