Harbor Village Detox Treats Patients for Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal, Now Offering 100% Coverage

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Most patients avoid getting the help they need for drug and alcohol addiction from the fear of withdrawal. Harbor Village Detox ensures that patients are always attended to during the withdrawal process.

Harbor Village Detox is committed to the lasting recovery of each of its patients suffering from substance use disorders.

One of the most difficult aspects of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Beyond the invasive nature of rehabilitation, which uproots drug addicts and alcoholics from their family, business, and personal lives, recovering victims of substance use disorders must undergo the many afflictions associated with withdrawal. Harbor Village Detox is a national drug detoxification facility that is committed to ensuring its clients’ comfort during the withdrawal process. Harbor Village Detox keeps abreast of new developments in the treatment of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol to properly treat symptoms of withdrawal. In light of the facility's recent JACHO accreditation, Harbor Village Detox now accepts major insurances companies to pay for rehabilitation treatment, and in some cases, may offer 100% coverage for treatment.

Patients admitted into drug rehabilitation and inpatient medical detox suffer from various symptoms of withdrawal, including fever, chills, convulsions, depression, irritability, profuse sweating, hand tremors, malaise, intense cravings, and severe psychological distress. On Feb. 14, the Minn Post published four interviews of recovered drug addicts who have survived the ordeal with withdrawal personally, offering prospective recovered addicts advice on tackling withdrawal. Quoting Dr. Marc Myer, “I think one of the most difficult parts is the mental withdrawal, a severe depression and feeling that you’re never going to pull out of that state. It’s pretty well known among [treatment] providers that, because of that feeling of hopelessness, the anticipation of the withdrawal is oftentimes worse than the actual things.”

Harbor Village Detox continues to ensure the welfare of its patients going through withdrawal by enlisting the employment of classically trained addiction treatment professionals. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility frequently employees ex-patients who have become the pinnacle of addiction specialists; they have an innate understanding of what patients need to recover, since they have undergone the gauntlet of addiction themselves.

Harbor Village Detox is committed to the lasting recovery of each of its patients suffering from substance use disorders. Their facility is located in sunny South Florida, and provides clients with a lush, tranquil environment, promoting the healing process from drug and alcohol addiction.

Harbor Village Detox provides its patients with state-of-the-art care in a 24/7 monitored facility. Patients suffering in the throes of withdrawal are never alone. Harbor Village Detox helps patients discover the road of recovery and gives them the tools they need to live their lives without the chains of addiction. For more information on drug and alcohol addiction treatment, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call 1-855-290-4261.

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