7 Weeks Until First Estimated Quarterly Tax Filing: “Tax Saving Professionals” Reveal to Business Owners How to Cut Thousands in Tax Payments, Keep More Operating Cash

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According to the experts at Tax Saving Professionals, a national tax consulting company, American business owners, professionals and high net-worth individuals can keep more of their hard earned cash and pay less taxes to the government using common but not often used tax deductions. Quarterly tax saving strategies are the key to bigger savings and better financial management.

"By properly managing and planning quarterly tax payments, business owners can pay less taxes, keep more of their cash and use these funds to better finance their operations, while evening out the financial highs and lows," says Wes Matejka.

Quarterly estimated tax payments are a big expense every year for business owners. According to Wes Matejka at Tax Saving Professionals, a national tax consulting company, business owners can cut that major expense in half by working with their firm before April 15. As American Business owners enter the final weeks of the first quarter of 2015, they along with high-income earners and high-net worth individuals have an opportunity to save money, cut taxes and keep more cash in their pocket with advanced tax strategies by Tax Saving Professionals.

Wes Matejka points out, “We can legally and ethically help reduce our client’s taxes because we are going to wipe out the top 30- 50% of their AGI from being taxable income with the proven strategies we have been using for years. The business owner still has the income, it's just not going to be taxed.” Matejka adds, “ Depending on what state the client lives in, the top half of their income is taxed at somewhere between 39.5% and 52%. Our services allow the business owner to keep that income instead of only 48% to 60% of it.”

Tax Saving Professionals is a group of Attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and Registered Investment Advisers whose collective expertise and exceptional knowledge base brings an unparalleled approach to tax strategy resulting in significant tax savings through strict tax code application, little known insurances, investments, corporate structuring and a variety of other techniques, plans and programs for High Net worth business owners and Executive Employees that are considered qualified investors.

“We have an extremely valuable suite of services,” says Matejka. By comparison, Matjeka points out that the average American pays 31% in taxes but the average Tax Saving Professionals’ client pays an average of 15%. That’s a huge amount of tax savings that allows clients to save literally tens of thousands of dollars, and often times much more, on their taxes every single year.

By paying close attention to these critical quarterly dates it’s realistic and achievable for higher-income earning individuals, professionals and business owners to even out the hi’s and lows, the peaks and valleys of cash flow and annual money management.

“No pay or light pay on quarterly taxes can add up to a big hit in the way of penalties and interest at the end of the year,” says Matejka, “equally as important, we have strategies that can also help clients to earn more income while at the same time serving as a bottom line deduction.”

This is the time of year to painlessly start tax planning for 2015. By taking action now, business owners can begin cutting their quarterly tax estimates, and be guaranteed they'll pay significantly less in taxes at least for 2015, if not further out, depending upon the tax laws and how they may change, if at all.

About Tax Saving Professionals
Tax Savings Professionals is a national tax consulting organization consisting of tax attorney’s, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and paralegals. The company has worked with more than 7,000 clients, large and small, from around the country as well as with other members of the financial community, such as financial planners, CPA’s, accountants and others. Tax Savings Professionals has distilled from the IRS tax codes more than 400 tax deductions that are often misunderstood or even unknown by many tax professionals, along with an assortment of “tax strategies” that help clients save money on their taxes.

Contact/Tax Saving Professionals: Wes Matejka at wes.matejka(at)taxsavingpros(dot)com or at 772-388-2257

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