4 Tips To Repairing The Relationship With Your Child After Divorce

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My Divorce Papers offers tips on repairing damaged relationships with your children after a divorce.

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...the time after divorce papers are final can be scary for everyone involved...

Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) knows that divorce is a decision that can shake a family to its core, specifically when there are children involved (as there are in about half of the cases the company sees each year). Along with the decision to file, there can be feelings of betrayal and anger from children, but parents who stay the course and adhere to the points offered in a new tip sheet can overcome. Here’s what the company recommends.

Tip One: Give Children Space.

MDP notes that deciding to file isn’t the sort of decision that can be patched up with a trivial gift. A child going through divorce is saying goodbye to the stability of Mom and Dad for an uncertain future, and they know from watching friends in similar situations that a heavy burden can be placed on their shoulders. As a result, it will take time to work through their issues. Parents who give their children space and who don’t try so hard to “solve” the child’s dilemma for them will be more effectual in time, the company notes. That means not goading them to talk if they’re not ready and not inserting oneself too heavily into their lives.

Tip Two: Allow Them Privacy.

MDP knows that the time after divorce papers are final can be scary for everyone involved, but unless the child is exhibiting warning signs of dangerous behaviors (i.e. substance abuse), it’s best not to invade their privacy. Children may want to sit behind closed doors and journal and do a number of other things outside of the parent’s realm of influence. The best advice: watch them closely but refer back to tip one and give them the privacy they need to work through their feelings.

Tip Three: Don’t Pass Up An Opportunity.

MDP acknowledges that many families are in their own bubble before, during and after divorce, and that as a result, some signals for help may go unnoticed. The company urges parents to recommit themselves to being attentive to their children, and if a child needs to talk, to never pass up an opportunity to listen or explore the child’s feelings.

Tip Four: Don’t Judge Their Feelings.

MDP is aware that a child isn’t right about everything they’re feeling, and they can be somewhat hypercritical not knowing the full details of the divorce. Even so, their feelings are their feelings, and a parent will have much more success reaching their child if they allow the child to feel what they feel without trying to force them to see things another way. As a representative from the company notes, “Your example is the best argument that you can make that you made the right decision in getting a divorce.”

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