4 Tips To Keep From Lashing Out At Your Spouse

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My Divorce Papers offers a few tips on controlling your frustration and anger when dealing with your spouse during divorce.

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Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) appreciates the emotional element that often goes with divorce, but as a service that specializes in helping couples reach DIY solutions, they also know that conflict can quickly escalate a divorce, thus making dueling attorneys inevitable. To keep this from happening, it’s important to be firm with one’s spouse without giving in to the emotionally overheated act of lashing out. The service has put together a new tip sheet to show individuals how they can avoid losing their cool. Here’s what they recommend.

Tip One: Anticipate A Spouse’s Response.

MDP notes that if it is one’s goal to avoid a messy divorce, it’s important for the individual filing to see at least one move ahead and ask, “If I say this, how will he react?” By anticipating the responses of one’s spouse, the site notes, it becomes easier to control not only what is said in the conversation, but also the overall mood.

Tip Two: Keep From Showing Anger.

MDP knows that individuals going through the divorce papers process can run in to lack of cooperation from their spouses, and that can be very frustrating. But it’s important to remember that people have a tougher time manipulating one’s emotions when they get no reaction than when they get the reaction they are looking for, which usually breeds more hostility and oneupmanship until attorneys are an absolute necessity. The answer? MDP believes that finding healthy outlets from one’s anger away from the offending spouse is key.

Tip Three: Document Everything.

MDP points out that it’s tough for one to say one thing and do another in this age of technology. While some states have laws against secret recording, it often doesn’t stop people from doing it for their own protection, or to simply keep more accurate private records of what was said and when it was said. Getting one’s story straight is essential in a divorce action, and even if one lives in an area where recording is illegal or inadmissible, it’s still possible to make audio or written notes of what was said while it’s still fresh on the brain. By documenting everything, it could intimidate the other spouse into being more cooperative with the divorce proceeding.

Tip Four: Make A Game Of It.

MDP points out how some individuals are able to keep New Year’s Resolutions — by seeing if they can do something for 30 days straight. In theory, being able to keep something up for a prolonged length of time like that can make for a positive lifestyle change. Similarly, the site notes, see how many meetings you can have without giving your soon-to-be-ex the reaction they’re shooting for. In doing so, the site notes, you will end up dictating the progression of the divorce.

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