4 Tips For A Divorce That Doesn’t Break Your Spirit

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My Divorce Papers offers a few tips on how to maintain contentment during your divorce.

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Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) knows that many individuals, who visit their site, do so with the intention of handling the divorce process on their own. They’re attracted to the lower price and the speed of completing the process. However, in order for this type of divorce to be effective, it requires that both parties act maturely and sensibly and don’t engage in any of the spirit-breaking behaviors that can make divorce so difficult. To assist these individuals in completing the process, the site has put together a new tip sheet showing the secrets to a great divorce. Here’s what they recommend.

Tip One: Practice Respect.

MDP notes that by the time the words, “I want a divorce” come out, one or both parties are no longer in love, or their love has gone dormant. They understand that they will always love the person they knew when they first said, “I do,” but that the relationship is now beyond saving. Instead of focusing on love that may or may not be there, both parties should shift the focus to respect. The site notes that practicing respect is important to a do-it-yourself divorce because it shows that both parties are committed to not dehumanizing one another or engaging in revenge-fueled behaviors like running up joint credit cards or using children as pawns to get what they want out of the divorce. In order to show respect for one another, MDP recommends doing nothing that might make life overtly difficult on the other party.

Tip Two: Don’t Bring The Kids Into It.

MDP knows that when filing divorce papers the issue of custody will come up but that doesn’t mean children have to be involved in the day-to-day conflicts that can and do regularly arise from settlement negotiations. Any interaction with the kids should be focused on the parent’s love for the child and how that will not be forgotten throughout the process. It should also show a united front in not making life more difficult. That means no blame-shifting to the other spouse when discussing the divorce with children.

Tip Three: Talk About The Options Before Acting On Them.

MDP realizes that some spouses can be blindsided by the news their significant other wants a divorce, and that can lead to most of the conflicts that arise in a divorce. Before filing, the company recommends having the difficult conversation that “yes, I want a divorce, and these are the two options we have at our disposal.” This preemptory conversation allows both parties to work through their emotions and sensibly weigh their options before following through with the divorce action.

Tip Four: Forgive.

MDP knows that the most difficult challenge to do-it-yourself divorce actions is the baggage that one or both spouses carry for one another. To keep the process from becoming a dehumanizing one, the site recommends learning to forgive your spouse even if they haven’t asked. This, the site notes, enables you to control your healing and take any power the other spouse may have over your emotions. While MDP realizes it can be difficult, it is a 100 percent effective method for avoiding the animosity and anger that break one’s spirit in a divorce.

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