3 Smart Dating Tips For The Newly Divorced

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My Divorce Papers offers tips for dating after divorce.

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Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) knows that a key part of the recovery process from divorce is the ability to reenter the dating world in a well-adjusted and productive manner. Many divorcees struggle with this, however, because they are still too tied to their past. To assist these individuals in being able to date “smarter” after the marriage is over, the company has put together this latest tip sheet. Here’s what they recommend.

Tip 1: Stop Having ‘Types.’

MDP notes that people in the dating world often talk about “my type” and “not my type.” To the site, this is counterproductive to the dating process, especially if one has recently gone through a divorce. It’s important not to have types, the company states, because that can lead to missed opportunities and, even worse, a repeating of past mistakes.

As a company rep states, “To date smarter after a divorce, you have to stop trying to recreate your marriage and everything that led up to it. That is in the past now because it failed. You have to start reinventing the wheel in what it means to be attracted to someone. Physicality will still be a part of things, but you shouldn’t let that lead you until you’re sure that this person isn’t ex-husband or -wife two-point-oh. In other words, be open to new possibilities and don’t fall back on your past as a way to guide you.”

Tip 2: Don’t Go On A Date With Everyone You Meet.

MDP knows that once the divorce papers are final, many people head for the online dating sites, and that in itself isn’t a mistake, the company notes, but how you go about it might be. As the rep notes, “Online dating sites make it easy for you to be honest about yourself with other people, and they also make it possible to talk to someone enough and use a bit more discernment before going out with them. If you wait and give it time, you can avoid going out with incompatible people, save a lot of money in the process, and have more enriching first dates.”

Tip 3: Make Your First Three Dates About Interaction.

MDP urges divorcees dating again to not waste energy in the first three dates on experiences that don’t accomplish anything. In other words, “no movies until you’ve had a few dates under your belt,” the rep notes, adding that “Dates like movies, as in movies at the theater, keep you from interacting and learning more about one another. Avoid these types of experiences for experiences that actually allow for communication. That will be the number one thing that any future relationship needs to survive.”

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