Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine Catches All Eyes in Hollywood, Ca

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An ambitious artist, Plastic Jesus, is determined to expose the public to the inner trenches of drug addiction in Hollywood. Plastic Jesus’ work revolves around the notion of fake idols, and exhibits artwork meant to help people get help for drug addiction; Harbor Village Detox comments on CBS Los Angeles' recent article.

Harbor Village Detox is a national inpatient medical detox center serving the victims of drug and alcohol addiction

A cocaine snorting Oscar statue in Hollywood is the newest scandal deviating from the typical nip slip or scathing scuffle. A new take on the glamour of the movie industry is dawning the streets of Hollywood as Paper Jesus’ rendition of the venerable Oscar trophy sparks questions about drug addiction and substance abuse in Hollywood. The Oscar statue is depicted snorting cocaine, and was constructed to take a political stance on the travails of drug addiction in Hollywood. Paper Jesus, a self named artist in Hollywood, is illuminating the all-too-real world of drug addiction and drug addicts secreted in the ardor of Hollywood. Beyond this, the statue serves as a grim reminder to those walking the streets of Hollywood to get drug and alcohol addiction treatment help for their substance use disorders.

Paper Jesus’ statue begs the question, “Why are we romanticising drug use?” The sparkle of Hollywood wears off behind the scenes of addiction. Drug addicts frequently lose their careers, relations with family, friends, spouses, and children. A victim of a substance use disorder is haunted with the continual thought of finding the biological necessity of his drug of choice. We now know that addiction is a disease as quantifiable as coronary heart failure, espoused with diagnosable symptoms, signs, and medical pitfalls stemming from neglected drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center, Harbor Village Detox recently published a blog post on “3 Ways to Help a Loved One Get Help for Substance Abuse” to guide readers through the confusion of getting help for addiction.

As quoted by CBS Los Angeles, on Feb. 19th, Paper Jesus said, “We often hear about [drug addiction] when a high-profile celebrity perhaps goes into rehab, people like directors, producers, hair and makeup people, electricians, sound guys and so on, these people don’t get the care, the treatment that the high profile people can access. . . If one person who has a heroin addiction or cocaine addiction sees a piece of my art and gets help, well that’s it, my works done.”

A Harbor Village Detox medical associate comments, "Patients think we have a magic wand that can ultimately resolve drug addiction quickly. But that's not the case. Addiction is a long and arduous process, that demands focused attention to adequately address and rectify long term. You see movie stars and celebrities come out of addiction with glimmering smiles and photoshopped faces. But what people don't see is the toll it takes on them physically, emotionally, mentally, and biologically. Until celebrities candidly open up about the behind-the-scenes of addiction, the public is going to continue to glorify drug use- and that's dangerous."

Harbor Village Detox is a national inpatient medical detox center serving the victims of drug and alcohol addiction; the drug and alcohol treatment facility specializes in connecting recovering heroin addicts and alcoholics to accredited heroin rehab and alcohol rehab facilities. The professional and caring staff of Harbor Village Detox were once suffers of substance use disorders, who have since transformed their lives. Their dedication manifests Harbor Village’s treatment philosophy: every person from any socioeconomic status should have access to the best rehabilitation treatment.

For more information about Harbor Village Detox’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs visit harborvillagedetox.com or call directly at 1-855-290-4261.

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