Diet Doc Announces Gluten Free Diet Plans That Now Include Powerful Oxytocin to Eliminate Gluten Allergies and Dieting Side Effects

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Diet Doc has recently added the hormone, Oxytocin, to their gluten free diet plans, helping patients avoid gluten flare-ups and lose excess fat safely, comfortably and rapidly.

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Because 1 in 3 Americans suffer from gluten reactions, Diet Doc created gluten free diet plans that eliminate carbohydrate cravings for safe, fast and comfortable weight loss.

Over the last few years the gluten-free market has exploded with food manufacturers pushing their food products free of the protein, gluten. The list of conditions that gluten is thought to encourage continues to grow, with autism, depression, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and diabetes recently being added. In 2013, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she had transitioned her entire family to a gluten-free diet, “curing” her son of the skin disorder, eczema. Jennifer Lawrence, well-known actress, labeled gluten the "new cool eating disorder". And, while the celebrities continue to make headlines when celebrating any change in their lives, it is thought that approximately 1 in 3 everyday Americans are attempting some version of the gluten free diet.

Gluten comprises two protein groups, gliadin and glutenin, which gives structure and elasticity to breads and other processed foods when brought together with flour and water. Gluten foods tend to have a romantic effect on the brain’s “pleasure” center, generating the same feelings as derived from cocaine and heroin. And, while many believe that a successful gluten-free diet requires only the avoidance of bread products, gluten is actually hidden in a variety of foods, including sauces, stock cubes, sweets and a wide range of other food products.

Many people who attempt a gluten free diet have no idea that eliminating gluten products also requires eliminating gluten-filled carbohydrates. And, because Diet Doc understands the challenges of eliminating carbohydrates, they designed their gluten free diet plans that, not only melt pounds and inches, but help their patients overcome the side effects and carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms, enabling more patients to stick to their resolve to become healthier, live longer and look better by losing excess weight and avoiding gluten flare-ups.

For those who suffer from painful and annoying gluten reactions, such as bloating, fatigue and pain after eating, losing weight can be extremely challenging. The carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms can be so powerful that many simply abandon their weight loss goals, giving in to their body and mind’s demand for carbohydrates. For this reason, more and more people, desperate to lose excess fat and avoid gluten flare-ups, are turning to Diet Doc.

After a thorough evaluation, which can be accomplished from the comfort of each patient’s own home via the phone or internet, the expert weight loss doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches at Diet Doc work in collaboration to design gluten free diet plans that combine weight loss enhancement medications, such as hormone diet treatments, appetite suppressants, fat burners, diet pills and Oxytocin, resulting in more people losing excess fat without side effects and without gluten reactions. Because Diet Doc doctors have received specialized weight loss training, they know what it takes to keep their patients on the fast track to improved health through natural, safe and rapid weight loss. The majority of over 20,000 of their clients report an amazing loss of 20 pounds or more per month without side effects while following gluten free diet plans that have been created to be specific to each patient’s personal needs.

Diet Doc now includes the powerful Oxytocin hormone to their already impressive collection of weight loss products. Decades of research has revealed that Oxytocin shares an intimate relationship with one’s ability to maintain a healthy weight and its deficiency can cause ravenous carbohydrate cravings. Replacing the body’s natural secretion of Oxytocin decreases the carbohydrate longing and enables patients to focus fully on reaching their ideal weight. Oxytocin, long labeled the “love hormone” for its ability to allow humans to strengthen the love and bonding instinct, is now thought to perhaps be the missing link that can help those who have struggled with excess fat transition to a gluten free diet without side effects.

Diet Doc continues to complement their already successful diet plans with prescription and non-prescription products, all manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies, and has become the nation’s most trusted and reliable source of weight loss. The staff invites those who are ready to improve their health and restore their figure, without nagging side effects and carbohydrate cravings, to call today to schedule a personal, private and cost-free consultation.

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