Tax and Retirement Specialists Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble Provide Insights To A More Abundant Retirement

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Tax reduction and retirement authorities, Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble, will be the featured Financial Educators at a new special briefing on March 25 and 26 where they will share with retirees and soon-to-be retirees how to protect their wealth, pay less tax and create more retirement income.

Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble, authors, financial educators, tax reduction and retirement planning specialists who work with millionaire individuals, couples, and families, will be sharing time tested tax reduction strategies at their special briefing in March. They will share proven methods for decreasing taxes on retirement money and increasing the predictability of retirement income.

Spencer and Noble, the creators of The Wealth With No Regrets® Retirement Planning Process and, find that while many individuals and couples have been successful at accumulating wealth, they often fail to protect, preserve, and pass on their wealth efficiently.

According to Spencer and Noble, “We show retirees and soon-to-be retirees how to identify tax deductions they didn’t even know were available to them; and as result, we show them how to finish abundantly - having more income and the ability to pass on more wealth to family and causes that matter to them. First, we show them the biggest obstacles standing in their way of a more abundant retirement. Then we identify the biggest hidden opportunities that allow them to do more of what matters most to them now.”

They believe strongly that the financial and estate planning industries are the ones to blame for individuals, couples, and families not accessing more of the opportunities that apply in their particular situations. Not all situations are created equal, and every retirement lifestyle and legacy is unique and personal. They find that most retirees and soon-to-be-retirees are frustrated with the advice available by the “professionals” whom they look to for advice about their tax saving and income enhancing opportunities.

Spencer and Noble recommend that proper planning is done with a custom-tailored approach, where each situation is given strategies that fit the specific goals and needs of the particular situation. They continue to suggest that solutions are best discovered through a proven process that delivers a highly relational planning experience.

In their experience, it is vitally important to not start with solutions or even goals, as the majority of the financial and estate-planning industry does. Rather, they suggest starting with enhanced clarity about the future, which is the idea of Beginning With The End In Mind, a Steven Covey principle from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. They go on to add that this is not done in the industry. The closest the industry gets to doing this is by talking about goals, which is a just a by-product of having a clear wealth picture of the future that is based on a personalized vision and priorities.

“People accumulate wealth over their career in a number of ways including disciplined saving, hard work, being in the right place at the right time, getting a big payday, and frugal living; therefore, they should keep as much of what they have earned for what they want to do and when they want to do it. To pay too much in tax, to live with a retirement lifestyle less than they hoped, or not being able to give to the people and causes that matter to them is like being on the 1-yard line of a football game, with four downs and a three man advantage, then walking off the field with time still left on the clock,” says Spencer.

Noble adds, “Retirees can - in most situations - have more income, give more to family, and benefit causes that matter to them deeply beyond what they’ve been told is possible. But it’s a highly relational, proven process, that gets beyond the asset values on the balance sheet, that allows people to use the opportunities available to them and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from enjoying the hard-earned wealth they’ve accumulated.”

They emphasize that it is the financial and estate-planning industries that are educating professionals in the wrong way about accessing solutions and strategies that will benefit the wealthy. The financial and estate-planning industries continue to train in old methods of a generation ago when times were less complex than they are today.

One piece of evidence of the increased complexity is the number of words in the tax code that has tripled in the last thirty years. This is in addition to now the more than thirty-seven thresholds in the tax code that taxpayer’s must navigate to minimize the taxes on their income.

“As people work they create a lifestyle that they are comfortable with and save money so that one day they have enough set aside in a "freedom fund" that is secure, allowing them to not work because they have to, but because they want to, or they can choose to not work at all. Yet uncertainties are holding people back, even though in most cases there is a capacity to enjoy a retirement of doing what they want, when they want, with the people they want to do things with,” says Spencer.

Spencer and Noble’s fast-paced, easy to understand, educational briefing includes the five most common dangers that hold people back from enjoying a more comfortable and confident retirement. They also share a real case study of a couple who thought they had done all they could do to pay less in taxes and have more income in retirement but were missing opportunities because they had never been exposed to the integrated solutions that would allow them to do more with their wealth.

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Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble, CPA/PFS, are recognized authors, financial educators, consultants, wealth and tax reduction planning specialists who have been heard on radio including WAFS biz1190 and 680 WCBM, with books that include, The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets, Giving Transforms You!, and The Serving Leader. They are passionate about educating wealthy business owners, executives, and women on their own with wealth about the opportunities available to reduce taxes legally in order to enjoy more lifestyle freedom and security now, and in retirement.

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