New Disaster Preparedness Resource Launches with How-To Emergency Survival Information and Product Reviews

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Announcing the launch of an online resource guide, Emergency Reviewer is designed to deliver valuable information about emergency survival planning and supplies, and cover a variety of topics related to disaster preparedness, such as securing emergency food and water supplies, accessing emergency shelter, communications devices, power supplies, and more.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and be informed. recently launched, as an emergency essentials reviews and resource guide for those interested in emergency survival and disaster preparedness. Such recent man-made disasters as the Greek government's economic failure, and natural catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina in the US and the typhoons which have devastated the Philippines in recent years, are outside the control of the average citizen.

But the website's founder, Carrie Venclauskas, notes that what everyone does have control over is how they prepare for and respond to disaster situations. This is precisely what strives to help their visitors do. The tsunami which rocked Japan in 2011 and caused an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale (one of the largest ever measured) was impossible to predict. But those citizens who had prepared for a survival situation were able to get through that deadly and horrific natural event.

Venclauskas, a single mother, grandmother and successful web businesswoman that practices disaster preparedness herself, states that ...

" ... was designed specifically to deliver critical information on emergency essentials that support efforts to engage in effective disaster preparedness. The guide covers all aspects of the process, from survival planning through plan execution, and provides access to data that enables individuals to make an informed decision about the type of survival plan, supplies and responsiveness that is most suitable for themselves and their loved ones."

One of the main services provided by this free resource site and survival planner is a review of top emergency products, services and survival gear. Here are some of the survival categories and news stories covered:

  • How a 7-year-old girl used survival skills her father taught her to survive a plane crash that killed her family
  • Emergency generators
  • What to remember when building an emergency shelter
  • Emergency heating guide
  • How to calculate how much water you and your family will need
  • Personal and family survival kits
  • Where to head for the perfect zombie apocalypse hideout

In a day where many websites are chock full of advertisements and offers, is noticeably clean and clutter-free. Annoying pop-ups and multiple ads are absent. The website's owner says the reason is simple - she intends the site to be easy to use and straightforward, breaking down any and every possible disaster survival situation into subgroups which can be prepared for easily.

For example, from any page of the site, tabs at the top of that page give you instant access to those important categories necessary for survival. Those are Food, Water, Shelter, Power, Heat and Gear. Many of those tabs have subcategories which further reveal relevant information, product reviews, news and other important resources that make preparing for any disaster situation quick and painless.

Short and long-term survival, emergency currency, water filtration bug out bags, survival seed banks and emergency communication devices are just a few of the categories that this new, survival preparedness resource addresses. Those interested in preparing themselves and their families for any disaster situation, natural or man-made, will also enjoy the topical news blog and informative articles that are available.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and be informed. That is the driving focus behind

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