Synchronicity Foundation Advances Human 2.0

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The Foundation releases the next installment of its 24+ part series, "Awakening From The American Dream" - the book and "NOW", The Technology to stay on the mend.

A Closer Look At The Book And The Technology

The different air masses which affect North America are separated by weather fronts. The semi-continuous, cold, and unstable Arctic front separates Arctic from Polar, as the Polar front separates Polar from warmer masses of air. Equal to those factors of Nature are the strong and opening lifestyle statistics found in “Awakening from the American Dream”, the latest book release from the Synchronicity Foundation of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia. With the dawn of the 21st century, the “American Dream” gradient has precipitated a flurry of blinding facts, enough to give anyone the willies: the average unemployment duration is at a record-setting high; the number of low-wage, un-livable income jobs is approaching 50%, and; US pain-killer sales accounts for 80% of worldwide consumption. The litany of chilling charges reads more like the book’s author, Master Charles Cannon, may have had the “American Depression” in mind?

The book’s 24+ chapters, bundled with the foundation’s “NOW…The Technology” modern meditation method, is the subject of on-going, media attention to conclude in February 2016. Its author once more reinforces the quest that both the book and the technology tool, when taken together, are the best high performance gear for a foul weather system. Like a renowned, Himalayan guide, Master Charles Cannon draws on experience. He loyally leads his company of reader-trekkers over an icy American landscape, more unnerving than the severe Antarctic. With cool-minded manners his cool-headed message warms the way for everybody to effortlessly embrace each chapter’s content, questions and conclusions, giving the willies the shake.

Is it a cliff? A falls? It’s “America 2.0”. It’s “Human 2.0” to coin the phrase. It’s a message that segways from the slippery slopes of the American day-dream to its upside: Americans can now - for the very first time in their wildest conscious imagination - awaken from the day-dream syndrome, and evolve into a more satisfying version of human being – a state they were destined for. There’s definitely a degree of romance, the kind that’s attractive to many a seasoned traveler, in veering away from the frozen, harsh edges of disillusionment, and back toward firmer ground.

Modern spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon, follows-up his message with "NOW…The Technology," a balancing tool, to restore personal balance through all kinds of wicked weather. It is audio-sonic, entrainment technology, and it is known to bring many an acoustic quality benefit to its users. Participants in this hi-tech meditation-method are seeing results for themselves, first-hand. Start with any stereophonic sound-speaker system, portable i-Pod, MP3, or with headphones, or on-low. Then push Play. Alpha, theta, delta and subtle gamma frequency patterns, bio-geometrically, and holo-dynamically perform the “synchronicity.” In plainer English, these frequencies entrain, or balance those disturbing, racing, burnout brainwaves, which are so hazardous to everyone’s otherwise preferred state of equilibrium.

What does anyone derive from the deluxe multiplier experience of book knowledge being boosted by the effects of meditation technology? Advancement: from agitation to maintaining equilibrium; from wallowing inertia to luxuriant spirit? In conceiving “Human 2.0” at the Synchronicity Foundation Master Charles Cannon had these finer selections in mind for the benefit and evolution of human consciousness.

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