West Virginia Takes the Initiative to Combat Opiate Overdose and Approves Naloxone for First Responders and Family Members

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In a recent bill approved by West Virginia, Naloxone will be available to everyone in need of treating a victim of an opiate overdose, according to a recent article by Metro News. Harbor Village Detox is a national inpatient medical detox company and comments on the public use of naloxone.

Naloxone will be a key component in subsiding the number of deaths we suffer, as a nation, from fatal drug overdoses.

West Virginia has approved the use of naloxone by first responders and family members of a high risk victim of a drug overdose, according to a recent article published by Metro News on March 9th. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has signed the bill into law, and will be in effect on May 27th of 2015. Naloxone clears the airways of a victim who has fallen prey to a drug overdose (which can be fatal, cause massive brain damage, and the loss of motor skills). Naloxone is a stigmatized antidote to the national problem of drug overdoses. Providing naloxone (also known as narcan) to first responders and family members is predicted to save lives. During a drug overdose drug addicts and substance abusers are unable to breathe. Fatalities are common among overdose victims. Harbor Village Detox is a national inpatient medical detox facility located in south Florida. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment center prides itself in providing the pinnacle of drug and alcohol detoxification to patients from every socioeconomic walk of life, The inpatient medical detox facility eagerly anticipates the distribution of naloxone on a national basis for first responders, family members of addicts, and the general public.

Naloxone is fast acting and can be injected or administered as a nasal spray. Naloxone will not harm a victim mistakenly given administered the medication who is not suffering from a drug overdose; however, in the event of an overdose, Naloxone will clear the airways of compromised victims and allow them to breathe. This medication has been proven to prevent accidental overdose deaths. An associate from Harbor Village Detox commented, “Naloxone will be a key component in subsiding the number of deaths we suffer, as a nation, from fatal drug overdoses. Every state should follow suit with West Virginia, as a means to become instrumental in the protection and continued health of people suffering from substance use disorders. Naloxone will enable [addiction] treatment specialists to rehabilitate victims who would have otherwise perished as a result from their addictions. It’s essential that family members are trained in its use. Even everyday people can easily save someone’s life with naloxone. It takes the entire community's participation to redress drug use and addiction among the population.”

The inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor Village Detox employs classically trained addiction professionals to artfully treat drug and alcohol addiction. Patients who undergo the typically painful withdrawal process are rejuvenated with effective and affordable drug and alcohol detox. Unlike most detoxification treatment centers, Harbor Village Detox offers patients initial one-on-one therapy to address the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction to stave off future relapses.

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