3 Tips To Achieve the Cheapest Way To Transport A Car In 2015

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Auto Transport Quote Services wants to help customers achieve the cheapest way to transport a car in 2015. Follow three easy steps will help them get the best auto transport quotes and have a great auto transport service.

Auto Transport Quote Services

Auto Transport Quote Services

The easiest way to get a cheap price and a great hauler is to follow these rules...

Auto Transport Quote Services wants to let all customers know the cheapest way to transport their car in 2015. The reasoning to tell this “secret information” to its customers is because the customers are the number one priority. If a customer is treated right, given the right companies to choose from, given the proper quote and service is outstanding then that customer will remember that experience.

There are a few misconceptions about transporting a car that needs to be cleared up first. The first misconception is that mileage determines the price. Mileage is just one of many factors that determines a price. The second misconception is that the company you see online is the company that is actually transporting the vehicle. This is not the case. The companies found online are auto transport lead generation websites or auto transport brokers. None of these companies own their own haulers.

The Cheapest Way To Transport A Car In 2015

Now onto the good stuff! The easiest way to get a cheap price and a great hauler is to follow these rules, which will be explained later on in the article.

  • Research a company before submitting information into a website so you know what type of company it is upfront.
  • Never sign a contract or give debit/credit card information until you know exactly who is transporting the vehicle and when it is scheduled to be picked up.
  • The best pricing occurs when a customer is within a 30 mile radius of a major metropolitan area.

#1: Research
Researching a company before submitting information into the website will help distinguish which type of company they are; lead generation website or broker company. A lead generation website will send your information to multiple broker companies whereas a broker will only quote you themselves. Depending on the customer, some may want multiple quotes and other may only want one single quote. Knowing the type of company first will help fight frustration for a customer and potentially help save them time.

#2: Don’t Sign That Contract
Signing a contract binds you to a company, but that isn’t always a good idea. Some broker companies will offer a super low rate, have the customer sign a contract and give their debit/credit card information upfront upon booking the order. What happens is that the customer is now obligated to work with that company whether the price stays the same or even goes up in price. The verbiage in those contracts require a certain number of days that a customer is locked into the contract, usually up to 10 days after their first available ship date, and will also state that the deposit is just a broker fee and the actual quote is not locked in. The best scenario is from a customer to find a company that does not require a contract signing upfront. Those companies will give a price and stand by their quote because they have a flexible deposit. That means that if it takes slightly more then originally thought to find a hauler, the broker will just make a lesser deposit and will not change the price on the customer at the last minute.

#3: Be Close To A Major Metro Area
Auto Transporters use major expressways to travel their route and these expressways all lead to the next major metropolitan city. Because of this, nearly every auto hauler will stay within the highway system and major metropolitan areas. If a customer doesn’t live near the expressway system or within a 30 mile radius around a major city it is less likely that a hauler will want to pick up that particular vehicle unless the price is much higher to make it worth their time. There are 10,000 – 15,000 vehicles that are transported each month, so the chance that a hauler is desperate for a vehicle is not very common.


If a customer want to have the cheapest way to transport a car, follow those three easy steps and the great rates will follow. Mileage is not the only basis of giving customers their quotes. There are other factors that are in the calculation. If you want the cheapest price and the best service visit Auto Transport Quote Services for a hassle-free, reliable and honest service.

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