Hydrotherapy Provides Safe, Effective, Comfortable Solution for Patients and Athletes with Lower Back Pain

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Aquatic therapy in a warm water therapy pool has proven to be one of the most rewarding and effective methods for helping those suffering from lower back pain caused by injuries and/or surgical procedures. A one-hour HydroWorx webinar on March 19, 2015, featuring University of Kansas’ Murphy Grant will discuss this topic in greater depth.

Murphy Grant at Kansas University

While aquatic therapy can be performed in any pool, research has shown that using a specialized warm-water therapy pool with integrated treadmill floor and other amenities results in superior, faster outcomes for those with lower back injuries.

Lower back sprains and strains are some of the most common issues experienced by adults. Typically, these types of muscle and connective tissue problems require a routine that may include bed rest, the application of ice and/or heat, medication, invasive procedures (for severe cases) and physical therapy. However, because lower back injuries can be exacerbated by excessive weight-bearing, land-based physical therapy sessions may not be as valuable as those performed in a less stressful environment. Thus, aquatic therapy is often recommended for those returning from lower back challenges.

While aquatic therapy can be performed in any pool, research has shown that using a specialized warm-water therapy pool with integrated treadmill floor and other amenities results in superior, faster outcomes for those with lower back injuries. The benefits of this therapeutic modality are multiple-fold, such as the natural relief provided by the warm water, the hydrostatic pressure that compresses the body, the buoyancy that can make someone feel up to 80 percent lighter, and the ability to perform exercises without fear of falling and reinjuring the body.

To discuss how he uses the HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool at his facility to help those with lower back injuries, Murphy Grant, MS, LAT, PES, Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Training at the University of Kansas, will be presenting a webinar on Thursday, March 19, 2015, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar, “Strategies for Treating Low Back Injuries with Aquatic Therapy”, will cover a range of considerations for physical therapy professionals and athletic trainers who are working with a population that struggles with lower back injuries and pain such as lumbar sprains, muscular strains, contusions, sciatica, herniated disks, spondylosis and spondylolisthesis.

“Strategies for Treating Low Back Injuries with Aquatic Therapy” will focus on a discussion of:

  • An overview of the anatomy of the back and how lower back problems occur, as well as the most common lower back injuries.
  • Water’s unique properties that make it an ideal medium for aquatic therapy.
  • Hydrotherapy techniques specialists can use to develop comprehensive rehab programs and progressions;
  • Safe, effective strategies for rehabilitating patients and athletes in a therapy pool.
  • The need for exercises that promote stability, strength and power while eliminating the risk of re-injury.

Participants who attend “Strategies for Treating Low Back Injuries with Aquatic Therapy” in its entirety will be eligible for one CEU from BOC (athletic trainers only). Other attendees who wish to petition their certification agencies for CEUs may request a certificate to prove attendance at the webinar.

Registration for this free one-hour webinar can be made online by visiting, http://ww2.hydroworx.com/webinar-back-pain.

About Murphy Grant

Murphy Grant has established himself as a leader in the innovative physical therapy, athletic training and training movement, especially in hydrotherapeutic environments. He’s has been a Division I athletic trainer for the past decade, and is currently entering his eighth year as head football athletic trainer at the University of Kansas.

Before joining the team at University of Kansas, Grant held the position as the athletic trainer for the men’s basketball program at Oklahoma State. Additionally, he served as the Dallas Cowboys’ strength and conditioning coach. Grant continues to educate professionals interested in the value of aquatic therapy and cross-training through in-person sessions as well as webinars.

About HydroWorx®

Since the late 1990s, HydroWorx has manufactured aquatic therapy pools with built-in underwater treadmills to enable physical therapists to more effectively offer their patients the opportunity to increase range of motion, decrease risk of falls and joint stress and remain motivated through the rehab process.

Products such as the HydroWorx 2000 and 500 Series therapy pools have revolutionized the face of aquatic therapy; in fact, HydroWorx technology is used by world-class facilities like the renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Andrews Institute, as well as physical therapy clinics across the country.

HydroWorx offers a wide range of underwater treadmill pools and peripheral products and services. Every day, more than 23,000 athletes and patients use HydroWorx technology to recover from injuries and health conditions.
More information about upcoming and past HydroWorx webinars can be found at http://www.HydroWorx.com/events.

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