Website Unveils a New Interactive Birth Chart System that Enables Users to Locate Pertinent People by Their Birthday

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The website,, provides a Birth Card Chart System where anyone can see by locating their birthday which card in the deck provides their identity in the Time-Map System. See Yourself From Any Other Person's Point of View Without Needing to Ask

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Thabiti adds "The only skeptics or critics we have are those who have never tried the system for themselves."

Today, there is a new Interactive Birth Chart exclusively available at called the Time-Map System. The Time-Map is defined as a mathematical technology that integrates a user's date of birth with universal laws structured in the ancient science of the standard deck of 52 playing cards.

Can anyone imagine the advantage they would have if they could see themselves from any other person's point of view? For starters, this would mean that they would know in advance who to date and who not to date or who is attracted to them and who is not really interested. They would know who to invest in or who to avoid. They would also know how their lover really sees them. They would be able to see and know who is their best choice for anything such as choosing lawyers or potential business partners.

The first question then becomes 'How do playing cards factor into a Time-Map?' Here are a few undeniable facts:

There are 52 Cards in the deck, just as there are 52 weeks in the year.

There are 12 Royal Cards (4 Jacks, 4 Queens, and 4 Kings) just as there are the 12 Months and the 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. hours per day.

The 4 Suits represent the 4 directions of time. Just as there are 4 directions in space (North, South, East and West) there are 4 directions of time which are Hearts which means to advance Emotionally, Clubs is to advance Mentally, Diamonds is Financially and Spades is Spiritually.

Divide the deck in half and the Hearts and Diamonds are the Red cards and the Clubs and Spades are the Black cards. The red and black represent the Electromagnetic Law of Polarity as in night and day or the positive and negative terminals of all car batteries are indicated by red for positive and black for negative.

Rev. Thabiti, inventor of the Time-Map System says, "Albert Einstein is most famous for proving the relationship between Time and Space popularly known as the Law of Relativity or E=MC² and what this law simply means is wherever we are, there is always the time we are there, and that time and space must coexist or we don’t exist according to Einstein." He adds "Where’ you are right now is a map of your country but ‘when’ you are is your Personal Time-Map. Both maps, Time or Space, work the same way where neither map predicts which direction one will choose but both maps show what the directional choices are and what to expect in the future from moving in any direction."

The website provides a Birth Card Chart where anyone can see (by locating their birthday) which card in the deck provides their identity in the Time-Map System.

In actual operation a user sees their Time-Map on the computer screen and simply enters the birthday of the person to be located and clicks ‘GO.’ Then the computer quickly locates the person using little hands pointing to where they are on the Time-Map. Then the user simply moves the mouse over to where the person is located and the definition pops out like a balloon that tells what it means. "This way we can now predetermine which way and with who is leading to what we seek to accomplish as well as seeing who to avoid, when and why to avoid them” says Marquette Williams, a computer scientist and Time-Map user from Vancouver.

Thabiti explains “One of the most unusual features of the Time-Map beyond its, truthfulness, accuracy and reliability is that the people whom we interact with the most are easily located and identified on a Time-Map by their birthday. Then, the Time-Map shows what to expect if we so choose to interact with that person during that time." He continues "Because any user can locate anyone on any Time-Map means that they can look at the Time-Map of anybody else, locate themselves on it, and see how they look from that person’s point of view. This feature provides an illuminated advantage over one's situation or circumstance and there is not a psychic or astrologer in the world that can do, match or top this exclusive feature."

Thabiti adds "The only skeptics or critics we have are those who have never tried the system for themselves."

Rev Thabiti was interviewed July 17, 2014 ( ) and on September 5, 2014 ( at KTNV ABC Channel 13 Las Vegas, NV, explaining that The Time-Map System provides illuminated directional guidance as advancements are made into each new time period outlined on that person's Time-Map. An example of Universal laws that apply to all Time-Map users is every person gets 24 hours per day and 7 days per week regardless of where they are from or regardless of any religious belief.

For more info please visit or call 702-987-5252.

ABOUT: Reverend Thabiti is the CEO at and Executive Director at He writes the Mars vs. Venus section of Las Vegas Woman Magazine and also writes the syndicated Empowerment Column each week for the Las Vegas Informer newspaper. He is author of the books 'All About You' available now and his new book coming soon 'The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.'

Rev.Thabiti is a client with MCA (, a full-service ad agency based in Tampa, FL.

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