Local tattoo studio ready to make its mark on Cleveland.

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Ink On Ink Off is the first clinician-led tattoo studio in Cleveland to offer tattoo alterations, removals, and new artistry all under one roof.

We are reimagining the entire tattoo process – from application to removal to redesign.”

A revolutionary new concept in tattoo alterations and artistry is launching this week, and owners say it will change the way people think about tattoos.

Ink On Ink Off is the first clinician-led tattoo studio in Cleveland to offer tattoo alterations, removals, and new artistry all under one roof, according to Lee Ponsky, MD, principal and physician.

“Basically, we are reimagining the entire tattoo process – from application to removal to redesign,” said Dr. Ponsky. “Our vision is to build a clinical arts community that provides clients with options that haven’t been available until now.”

Ink On Ink Off calls their approach clinical artistry, and caters to clients who are tired of their tattoos and want a fresh start.

“As we age, the choices we made in our twenties aren’t necessarily those that appeal to us in our thirties and forties,” Dr. Ponsky said. “I’m certainly not going to wear the same shirt today as I did 20 years ago…are you?”

Tattoos are much the same. The swimming dolphin, angel wings, or barbed wire bicep we thought were so cool at age 21, simply don’t have the same meaning to us at 31 or 41. Luckily, today’s tattoos aren’t necessarily forever. With the advanced technology now available, it’s easier and faster than ever to deal with an outdated or unwanted tattoo.

The first option is tattoo removal – a very popular and permanent way to get rid of a tattoo, leaving a blank canvas to start over. But when people think of tattoo removal, they often think it’s going to be painful and expensive.

Not so, said Dr. Ponsky.

“This may have been true a few years ago using traditional methods like the Q-Switch, but great strides have been made in equipment and procedure.”

Ink On Ink Off uses the PicoSure – a non-surgical, non-invasive laser – because it’s a faster and newer technology. PicoSure removes a tattoo by delivering short pulses of energy that shatter tattoo ink, resulting in faster clearance. Ink On Ink Off also uses the laser for skin rejuvenation and revitalization, as well as for removing acne scars and wrinkles.

“PicoSure is without a doubt the most significant technological advance in laser tattoo removal in 20 years,” said Ink On Ink Off physician and Medical Director, Jill Miller, MD. “It really is groundbreaking technology that removes tattoos in fewer treatments with better results and faster recovery time.”

Another option for getting rid of an unwanted tattoo is something Dr. Ponsky says is an art unto itself…tattoo redesign.

“Some people really like their tattoo, but just want to breathe new life into it,” Dr. Ponsky explained. “Tattoo redesign is a great way to do this, whether it’s retouching color on a fading tattoo, or spring boarding a new design from the old one.”

Although faster and easier than tattoo removal, tattoo redesign is still an involved process when done properly. The tattoo artist must take into account the original tattoo design and placement along with the new art selection, while incorporating the two flawlessly.

“Our tattoo artists specialize in this type of alteration and are able to work with the client to come up with a design that expresses who they are at this time in their lives,” said Dave Chercourt, Ink On Ink Off Artistic Director.

In addition to tattoo alterations and redesigns, Chercourt said their artists also work on new artistry.

“We have some of the most creative, conscientious, and professional artists in the business, who can help clients achieve the tattoo of their dreams.”

Not only is Ink On Ink Off a new concept in tattoo alterations and artistry, but it’s also a new concept in tattoo parlor.

“When people think of ‘tattoo parlors,’ they often visualize a dark, smoke-filled room,” explained Ink On Ink Off principal, Monica Ponsky. “We deliberately designed our offices to break that stereotype.

“Since we are both a medical clinic and a tattoo studio, we kept the cool, edgy feel of the tattoo subculture, but combined it with a warm, bright atmosphere that is welcomes all types of people, from all walks of life,” Ponsky continued.

Along with the launch of their new company, Ink On Ink Off is also launching a new website: http://www.inkONinkOFF.com.

Ink On Ink Off General Manager, Sidney Quinn, says they created the website to help people navigate the decisions they are ready to make about getting a tattoo removed, altered, or inked.

“Every person who lands on our website is somewhere in the decision-making process,” Quinn said. “We designed the website to be educational, informational, and entertaining.”

The website will feature information about the company, a portfolio of Ink On Ink Off tattoos updated regularly, and a regular blog that covers topics important to tattoo aficionados.

“We’ll also have regular features like Friday Ink where people can show off their tattoos,” said Quinn. “We want people to feel connected and comfortable so they will come back over and over to check out what’s new.”

Through their innovation and creativity, Ink On Ink Off is taking the entire tattoo process to the next level, providing service, technology, and artistry previously unattainable in our area.

“We encourage anyone who is thinking about tattoos – whether removal, alteration, or new artistry – to call us to schedule a free consultation,” Dr. Ponsky invited.

Ink On Ink Off is located at 34302 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. If you’d like more information, or want to schedule a free consultation, simply call their office at (216) 633-7569 or email info@inkONinkOFF.com.

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