Healthy Vitamins Announces a Sale on Garden of Life Vitamin Code Whole Food Vitamins

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Healthy Vitamins is having a sale on Vitamin Code Raw, Non GMO, Organic, Whole Food Vitamins by Garden of Life.

Raw Whole Food Vitamins

Vitamin Code Raw Whole Food Vitamins

You can pay the farmer now or the doctor later.

Gail Bowman, owner of Healthy Vitamins, an online health food store, said, "There has been a lot of discussion on the news lately about vitamins and whether or not they really contain what they say on the label. The trick is to buy whole food vitamins that are raw (created at low temperature), Non GMO, organic and third party tested. So, basically, buy the best brand you can find, and you will get a better supplement. Vitamin Code, by Garden of Life, is just such a supplement. They are rigorously third party tested and created by a company that actually cares about the consumer.

"For these reasons, we are very excited to announce that we will be having a sale on all Vitamin Code supplements starting March 31st and running through the end of April. To receive the sale price, use coupon code April15 on, or add the product to your shopping cart from this page. "

What is raw? Raw has become all the rage, which begs the question, “What does raw truly mean?” Raw foods and raw supplements are teeming with live probiotics and enzymes that can be present only in an uncooked product. Garden of Life’s Raw standard means their ingredients are produced and manufactured below 115 ̊F to protect these living nutrients. Raw means uncooked, untreated, unadulterated with nothing artificial added. Heating foods above 115° F diminishes their nutritive value, particularly the protein and enzyme co-factors naturally present in RAW Organic fruits and vegetables.

Raw whole food supplements contain live probiotics and enzymes. This is really at the heart of why raw matters. A fresh-picked strawberry is sweeter, juicier, better. Probiotic bacteria, derived from the plant’s ecosystem, and a diverse group of enzymes are naturally present in the strawberry, aiding in digestion. These are the fragile, necessary parts of life that are killed by heat and pressure.

Conventional multivitamins use synthetic and isolated vitamins and minerals. These are chemically isolated molecules which are devoid of “co-factors” found in complex whole foods. Whole food multivitamins, like real food, are chemically and structurally different and contain “co-factors” that attach to nutrient molecules and are recognized by the body.

What is a "co-factor"? When you eat an orange, you’re getting much more than just vitamin C. You are getting hundreds of other phytonutrients and micronutrients that work with vitamin C. These nutrients are commonly referred to as “co-factors”, and they work as nutritional synergists that tell your body where and how to use that nutrient.

According to Extraordinary Health Magazine (Volume 16, page 34), "The human body requires an enormous array of nutrients to function. Our bodies need to either make those nutrients or get them from an outside source; period. In a rush to seek convenience, with our wallets firmly in hand and mind, Americans have traded nutrient density, in the form of whole foods, for inexpensive sources of calories. The net effect is that we are getting plenty of calories; a whopping 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese—yet we aren’t getting nearly as much as we need in the way of nutrients. ... Jordan Rubin, publisher and founder of Extraordinary Health, has a favorite saying that sums up the whole food conundrum: “'You can pay the farmer now or the doctor later.' Later is now here. The years spent feasting on empty calories are finally catching up in the form of 'diseases of commerce.' "

Healthy Vitamins will be having a sale on Garden of Life's Vitamin code supplements for the month of April (starting March 31, 2015). Gail Bowman has owned Healthy Vitamins since 2003, and specializes in whole food supplements.

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