Boat Angel Family Films Releases Theatrical Animated Musical for Children

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Jake and the Giants to be release June 2015 internationally

Jake and The Giants

The full length animated film Jake and the Giants centers around a twelve year old boy Jake and his twin sister Joanie from the Village of Shiloh who after surviving a devastating attack by gold hungry giants and their monkey henchmen find out they are the only ones with a chance of rescuing their parents and friends from the bowels of the giant’s mountain top gold mine. Boat Angel Family Films, the creator of the series Hollywood Makeover and Adventures of Donkey Ollie, recently completed animation at Hippo Animation in Hong Kong. Hippo is well known for their production on “Tom and Jerry,” “Happy Never After,” “The Zulu Patrol” and “Speed Racer.”

“We are hoping for theatrical releases first in Eastern Europe and then in South America and Asia” states Richard Lewis the Executive producer of Jake.

Jake and the Giants was voiced by several well know Hollywood voice actors. Debi Derryberry, who contributed the title voice to “Whispers: An Elephant Tale” and also has the reoccurring starring role as the voice of Jimmy Neutron, in addition to hundreds of other roles, was joined by actress Mona Marshall who is one of the most sought after voice actresses in Hollywood with credits in Frozen, Despicable Me, Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Ronyo, Horton Hears a Who, and Son of the Mask among many others. They were rounded out by Katie Leigh who worked as Denisa on the series “the Smurfs” as well as on many episodes of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and all fifty episodes of “The Adventures of Gummi Bears.”

In an unusual move which will allow worldwide distributors to use the film for a longer period of time, Boat Angel is offering the film on a royalty free basis. “We are able to offer the film royalty free,” stated Boat Angel Representative Stewart “because we own the script, songs, characters and we are hoping that the international distributor, knowing they do not have to pay a theatrical royalty, will keep it in the theatres for a longer time. We know our model is unique but we are also aware of the translation dubbing cost many of the distributors will have to bear. By allowing the distributors to keep 100% of the profits we believe the film will have a larger platform and be seen by more people thereby generating a large box office take. Our primary concern is that our message is available to a large, worldwide audience and we believe that by taking the profit motive out of the production we can best serve those who will be impacted by the film.”

Much of the original music featured in “Jake and the Giants” is written and performed by well known members of Northern Light Orchestra. Several of the title tracks feature vocals by Mark Slaughter, a well known rock singer who also voiced parts for Batman Beyond, Animaniacs and had songs featured in the international hit “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey,” featuring Keanu Reeves. “The songs on ‘Jake’ are fun and really do push the story along. ‘Run Run Run,’ sung by Mark Slaughter, has the unique quality of being able to grip you to your seat as you watch the Shi Villagers running from the descending monkey horde.”

Kent Butterworth, well known for the “GI Joe” series and “Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles” series and the long running hit series “The Smurfs”, worked as director of Jake and the Giants. “When you are creating a big scale animation with an independent budget you really have to take every step you can to make sure you keep the budget in line. One of the biggest challenges is to give your film a big budget look without actually breaking the budget. To do that we had to keep the preproduction process streamlined and our audio engineer Ken Mary stayed on top of the changes being made in the script and provided us with a audio and dialogue track that we were able to incorporate without needing many retakes.”

Brian Stewart, author of the Tales of Donkey Ollie and the Hollywood Makeover series, penned both the script and songs for Jake. “Worldwide, there is a shortage of inspirational films that are both entertaining and available for young viewers. Most of the major countries get the releases from Dreamworks and Sony but many smaller countries never have animated films translated into their languages. We will be concentrating on many of the smaller markets and shipping the entire production on hard drive that will include the full dialogue, effects and music soundtrack and all the frames. It should be easy for them not only to dub in the dialogue in their language but dub in the singing as well. This will give many children the opportunity to watch an inspiring and entertaining show without having to struggle through subtitles. We believe Jake and the Giants is a film that will impact young lives in a great way. When you are telling stories it is important to mix the messages you want to get over with fun and entertainment. Kids are going to love our scary flying monkeys, our lug headed giants and Whitelee, our good natured Albatross. By using both male and female leads we are not going to be leaving any part of our audience out of the loop. Boat Angel Family Films is all about teaching family values. We are hoping our film will have the same positive impact as the Chronicles of Narnia series and the Lord of the Rings series. It never hurts to set your sights higher.”

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