Hybrid Health Guru, Ashley Black, announces that her invention The FasciaBlaster™ rivals the “fat cooling” procedures that reduce exercise and diet resistant fat pockets.

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In fat freezing or cooling procedures, the fat cells die in the treated area and have to wait to deteriorate over a 2- 7 month period. Ashley Black Fasciology, LLC announces initial findings show a more visible result immediately and dramatic improvement in just weeks.

I am thrilled that there is potential in the fat loss community and that we can be as effective, quicker and cheaper than the cooling procedures. Founder of Fasciology

The concept of “spot reducing” areas is a huge advancement in fat loss, a multi-billion dollar industry. Founder of Fasciology, Ashley Black, says that even the idea of being able to target an area of fat, instead of having to wait for the whole fat system to reduce is like science fiction. Black claims that “prior to fat cooling procedures, the only well known way to spot reduce, commonly called sculpting or contouring, was liposuction, which is a highly invasive procedure.” It is common knowledge that weight gain and weight loss occurs when the fat cells that are already present in our bodies get bigger and get smaller with diet and exercise. In general, heavier people have more fat cells and skinnier people have less fat cells. Our stubborn fat pockets, which are created by adhesive connective tissue called fascia, create different body types such as muffin tops, love handles or lower belly fat. Dermatologist Melissa Chaing, MD says that the cooling procedure “is best used in patients that are relatively fit, but have small pockets of diet and exercise-resistant fat”. The introduction of killing off targeted fat cells has made such an impact on the US that Zeltiq, the company behind the most popular non invasive fat loss product, says on their official site that “In the U.S. alone, more than 22.4 million people are interested in the procedure for fat reduction. It generates unprecedented industry buzz, securing hundreds of headlines annually, generating 3.4 billion consumer impressions. Web sites see over 100,000 global visitors each month and are in 60 countries.”

Chaing goes on to say that fat cooling procedures are a “non-invasive way to permanently reduce fat. Patients can expect a 20-25% reduction of the area that is treated. The body slowly breaks down the fat over the next 2-4 months”. When cooling is performed on the fat cells, they slowly deteriorate and eventually die, like a piece of fruit left out over time. The body then expels the dead cells through natural processes. The reason it takes 2-4 months or more to see the full result, is for the deterioration and expelling phase. The procedure is performed in a physicians office and Narin Apisarnthanarax, MD explains that “each procedure lasts approximately 1-2 hours” and can take up to 2+ hours, and some areas may need additional treatments”. According to reviews the procedure ranges from $1,000 to $6,000 on average. The technology is so popular that patients are lining up to get the procedure, despite the cost. Black, who was fascinated with the procedure, wondered if there was a way to emulate the concept and says that she “wanted a way to see the result faster, because a lot of variables come into play after months.”

Black says that she got the idea that the FasciaBlaster™ may be able to break up fat cells after learning that the fat cooling was discovered when children who ate popsicles were developing dimples from the loss of fat in their cheeks. She saw a similar void of fat in her initial studies on cellulite. Black says “The FasciaBlaster™ is a hand held tool, so there were places in their bodies where it was easier for the participants to reach with the tool. Inner thighs, for example, are at arms length so that area often gets more contoured than the more difficult to reach areas. This is where we saw dramatic fat loss along with the reduction of cellulite”. Black and her scientific team theorize that the FasciaBlaster™ manually breaks down the fat cells instantly, like popping a balloon. She says “we already know that the FasciaBlaster™ increases blood flow, so if the fat cell is already broken down, the blood would disperse the fat within 48 hours”. More studies will be needed to determine the exact process, but the initial findings and pictures clearly show instant fat loss. Black says that the pictures from the instant result and 30 day pictures are “as good a result as the fat cooling and possibly better, which is very exciting and enough for me”. The FasciaBlaster™ is not a medical device and is for use in the privacy of the consumer’s home. The cost is a one-time investment of $89. Black says, “I am thrilled that there is potential in the fat loss community and that we can be as effective, quicker and cheaper than the cooling procedures”.

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