Author Daniel M. Harrison Celebrates Surprise Easter Bestseller As Book On Millennial Generation Attitude To Money, Sex & Spirituality Tops Amazon Charts

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The book is called BUTTERFLIES: THE STRANGE METAMORPHOSIS OF FACT & FICTION IN TODAY'S WORLD, and it was released on April 1 in hard copy and via's Kindle service. This weekend, the book shot up the charts past both classics and contemporary bestsellers as young readers downloaded copies of the controversial 600-plus page manifesto for the millennial age.

Harrison wrote Butterflies while he was working two jobs, one as a daily columnist for The Motley Fool and the other as the Editor-in-chief for, a Bitcoin site that became the world’s second largest virtual currency news source under his tutelage.

“Butterflies is going to absolutely outrage a whole lot of people who have a very fixed view on things, where it’s all black and white, because it takes an unconventional view of everything: politics, economics, society. No longer are conservatism and liberalism for example, dominant policy agendas, nor is Church and State meaningful in the way it used to be. We are rapidly moving past the era of cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all governance solutions and one God to which we offer our souls to something that’s ultimately a little more complex. Blended as it is between factual and fictional accounts of modern society, it’s these sorts of issues that Butterflies seeks to address really.”

Butterflies is a shocking and hysterical – and at times terrifyingly grotesque –
portrayal of a society that's content to be spoon-fed denial and deceit that has shocked many publishers for its controversial language and ideas.

Harrison says that as a new emergent readership is coming up, literary tastes are changing and that audiences are demanding more honesty from their narrators than in times past.

“I began to notice that we are fundamentally entering a period of time where there is a new intelligence rising up around old industry as I covered Bitcoin,” he said.

“ I called the book Butterflies because the scenario is analogous to their metamorphosis. Also, the book is dedicated to my mother, who died of breast cancer last year. She loved butterflies more than any other insect because of the amazing change they underwent from caterpillars. Society is undergoing a similar intellectual transformation,” said Harrison.

Harrison is currently in the process of working with British social media guru Thomas Power on putting together a book on ORS – which stands for Open, Random and Supportive – a management model Power developed over 3 years ago.

“Butterflies is in many ways a sort of precursor to the book Thomas and I are working on together now, since both these books are all about the new generation of thinkers.”

If you really want to understand the millennial mindset, this is the book you need to read. Written by successful entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Daniel M. Harrison, previously the editor of bitcoin website Coinspeaker as well as a columnist for Motley Fool, TheStreet, The Wall Street Journal Europe and other leading publications, Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction In Today’s World is classic 1960s / 1970s experimental narration. At times the book is best described as Hunter S. Thompson in the boardroom and behind the wheel of a Ferrari facing off against corporate America; at other moments, the book is something more out of one of Marquis de Sade’s tales, adapted for the 21st century urbanite.

Highlights of the book include:

  • A groundbreaking new theory about space and time which challenges and arguably disproves the theory of relativity
  • A portrayal of the modern millennial sexual appetite that is tired of institutional worship coming between a person's right to make their own decisions about who they choose to sleep with and what they choose to fantasise about
  • A one-on-one interview with a leading Asian tycoon about success and risk in the modern world
  • A thorough and in-depth exploration of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies
  • The first of its kind groundbreaking suggestion that nationalism as sponsored by the state is as fecund and corrupt - and possibly more so - than slavery in the 1800s
  • A revealing portrait of the extent to which our society has corrupted its young by convincing itself of "virtues" which are really just a masquerade for “control”

Butterflies is a partial satire, poking fun at many baby-boomer literary and artistic fads with sharp, witty, dark, penetrating and disturbing doses of descriptive realism combined in every case with radical new ideas that capture the essence of our age.

Harrison has lived and grown up all over the world, including Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and the United States. He attended more than 8 separate schools before he begun his University education at St. Peter's College, Oxford in the late 1990's, where he studied Theology. He also has an MBA from Business Institute in Oslo and studied a Masters in Journalism at NYU.

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