MPAA gives David Oman’s “House at the End of The Drive” Paranormal Ghost Story a “R” Rating

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Many of the events that take place in “House at the End of the Drive” are based on actual events that had taken place in the Oman house where principal photography was shot.

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Producer David Oman has had a long history with the paranormal. In fact, he believes that spirits are drawn to him.

MPAA gives David Oman’s “House at the End of The Drive” Paranormal film a “R” Rating. The MPAA has deemed “the strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity” worthy of an R rating

Ghost stories, we’ve heard them for decades and they’re a dime a dozen in Hollywood where every mansion and storefront has a link to a restless spirit. But can a forty-six year old murder haunt four people enough to rip open a doorway to the past and catapult them back in time to a horrible night of ritual slaughter? It can if they live two doors down from the “House at the End of the Drive”.

In part based on the actual experiences of its producer who lives near the site of the original Sharon Tate murder house of 1969, “House at the End of The Drive” is a terrifying horror thriller about a group of people who live near a famous murder site and via a time vortex, are then transported back to the night of the original killings. The twist: they materialize as the soon-to-be victims of the massacre.

Directed by former Clint Eastwood cinematographer David Worth (Kickboxer), from a screenplay by David Oman & Jim Vines (The Perfect Tenant) (Shockfest 2104 Best Writing Award) and executive produced by Paul Mason (The Amityville Horror), “House at the End of The Drive” marks the producing debut of David Oman and stars James Oliver (Our Fathers), Angela Jones (Pulp Fiction), Jonathan Mangum (The Bucket List, Raising Helen) and Alison Raimondi (Club Dread) with a special guest appearance by Lance Henriksen (Aliens).

David Oman, an ex-private investigator and entrepreneur, decided to finance the film himself after experiencing the kind of actual phenomena in his home that Hollywood horror movies thrive on. It began with a ghost sighting in this own bedroom where a spirit who resembled one of the victims of the Tate massacre stood near his bed, pointing to the property next door down the drive. Oman then spoke to neighbors and own construction laborers and realized that he wasn’t the only one touched by the macabre. In the film Lance Henriksen retells the story of one of his laborers whose experience here was so terrifying that he did not return for 6 weeks.

Keeping an open mind to something that could have been perceived of as ludicrous, the producer invited psychics and paranormal specialists to do a preliminary investigation and video footage and still photographs were taken. The still photos were stunning. There was a presence in the house, revealed through unusual orbs, shadowy images and streaking light patterns that were later examined by Dr. Barry Taff, one of the world’s leading para-psychologists who called the House “The Mount Everest of Haunted Houses”, this from someone who has investigated over 4000 reported hauntings. Since then Oman has opened up his home to private paranormal investigation/tours with tremendous results. On one occasion 3 weeks ago a 25 lbs butcher block piece spun on its own and off the TV it was sitting untouched on for several hours. The video can be seen The Oman house has been on several Paranormal reality TV shows, such as Ghost Hunters, Dead Famous Live, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History, Ghost Adventures (Season 9 premiere Feb 2014) and Last weekend Ghost Adventures After Shocks (Season 2 premiere). Other shows such as Extra, TMZ and Larry King Live have stopped by to check out the unexplained occurrences at the Oman house.

“House at the End of The Drive” Film Synopsis

During a dinner party at his home with friends, Robert, Felicia and Jennifer, David discovers more about the neighborhood’s bloody history, and fact and fiction intertwine as the friends talk ghosts and spirits from beyond, and David recounts his odd experiences in the house. The night prompts the friends to take steps that will alter their lives forever.

When they decide to sneak in and explore the decrepit “House at the End of the Drive”, supernatural forces from the past transport them through time – back to a night of brutality and murderous bloodshed. In a cruel twist of fate, David, Robert, Felicia and Jennifer materialize as the soon to be victims of a massacre they had been discussing earlier over a quiet and casual dinner. Is the knowledge of the future enough to shield them from the horrors of the “Helter-Skelter” mayhem from the past? Can careful plotting overpower the supernatural invasion by a most infamous family of mass murders? Surely yesterday is finally over … but only time will tell, as the hapless visitors to the “house at the end of the drive” are swept into a hell storm of dark forces and fury beyond belief.

The film is inspired by the true events of the Sharon Tate slayings – one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th Century that shocked the world. Many of the events that take place in “House at the End of the Drive” are based on actual events that had taken place in the Oman house where principal photography was shot. Like “The Exorcist” and “The Entity” before it, the film is anchored in documented evidence of the paranormal.

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There are few films about the paranormal that are based in fact. The Exorcist (1973), The Amityville Horror *1979) and The Entity (1981) come to mind, and now a forth film, “House at the End of The Drive” could qualify.

Taking place in the legendary Benedict Canyon, where Charles Manson’s family killed Sharon Tate’s helpless house guests and Mrs. Polanski herself, where Paul Bern, Jean Harlow’s hubby and TV’s Superman George Reeves purportedly took their own lives, “House at the End of The Drive” is first time producer David Oman’s personal odyssey of being a homeowner in the Haunted Hollywood Hills.

The premise of the film is a young man buys a house four doors away from the infamous Dewitt home. Via a time vortex, the young man and his friends are transported back to the night of that faithful summer eve into the soon-to-be-victims of that diabolical crime.

Producer Oman has had a long history with the paranormal. In fact, he believes that spirits are drawn to him. This could be the case, which will make “House at the End of The Drive” a compelling Blair Witch type of flick, without the hoax and hokum.

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