Dream Analyst, David Rivinus, Will Be Interviewed by National Public Radio’s Stu Taylor

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National Public Radio host, Stu Taylor, will interview author and dream analyst, David Rivinus, for two Public Radio segments to be aired to a syndicated audience in approximately 90 cities across the United States. The subject will be Rivinus's new book "Always Dreaming" which offers a simple 5-step technique for interpreting dreams.

We all dream, so this is a topic with great appeal.

Dream analyst, David Rivinus, is slated for two interviews with National Public Radio’s talk-show host, Stu Taylor. The topic will be Rivinus’s new book “Always Dreaming.” Well known for his interviews and commentaries regarding financial matters, Taylor also promotes books on a variety of subjects. The popular host says, “We all dream, so this is a topic with great appeal.”

The two, twenty-minute interviews will be broadcast to a syndicated audience in approximately 90 cities across the U.S. Then the segments will be rebroadcast at later times. In addition, they will be streamed over the internet.

The first interview will be broadcast live over Taylor’s “Money Matters Radio Network” and will air at 9:30 a. m. Eastern Time on April 22. The following weekend, the show will be rebroadcast over the “Biz Talk Radio Network” on Saturday, April 25 at 8:00 p. m. Eastern Time.

The second interview will follow close behind the first, but will reach different cities. It will be pre-recorded and will be broadcast over the “Radio America Network” on Sunday, April 26 at 10:00 p. m. Eastern Time.

Both shows will also stream over their respective websites as follows. http://www.MoneyMattersBoston.com, http://www.BizTalkRadioNetwork.com and http://www.RadioAmerica.org.

The conversation will revolve around dreams and how to interpret them. Rivinus’s recently released book “Always Dreaming” from Ozark Mountain Publishing, follows over a dozen dreamers as they work through personal conflicts with the aid of their dreams. Rivinus uses a simple and effective 5-step technique to help these dreamers understand the subconscious dream messages they are being delivered.

In addition, the book suggests the radical idea that unsettling daytime events are also dreams. He shows how these uncomfortable incidents can be analyzed exactly like dreams, and he helps several of the dreamers highlighted in his book work through issues using only these daytime events.

Stu Taylor is a well-known and popular syndicated host on National Public Radio. David Rivinus has lectured and facilitated dream workshops for over four decades in multiple countries across Western Europe and the Americas. He has now documented his findings and methods. The complete title of his new book is “Always Dreaming—Gaining Insights from the Metaphors of our Sleeping and Waking Lives.” For more information, contact details, photos and author bio, please visit http://www.teacherofdreams.com.

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