Sandal Ready - Best 5 Foot Tools for Summer Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing pedicure tools

A national survey indicates that one-third of adults believe that unattractive feet are a turn-off. It also shows that the majority of Americans are concerned about the appearance of their own feet. When summer sandal season approaches, the desire to have attractive feet is often greatest, especially for women. The latest article by, Sandal Ready - Best 5 Foot Tools for Summer, introduces five tools that women can use now to help ensure that their feet look great for sandal season and to maintain the attractive appearance of their feet throughout the summer and beyond.

Rough skin and calluses are two unsightly foot care problems that many women wish to eliminate prior to the start of spring. Which of the many callus removing and foot smoothing tools on the market today are the best? What are the comparative benefits between each tool? Is there any clinical evidence to support the claims made by the manufacturer about the tool's benefits? To find out, visit or click

Shaping and trimming the toenails is an important step in any pedicure, and women will get the best possible results from this step when they use the right tools. Is it necessary to file toenails in the same way that one files their fingernails? If so, what is the best nail file to use? Which one of the many toenail clipper products on the market is the best and why? To find out, visit or click

Ingrown toenails are both an uncomfortable and unsightly problem. Is it possible to treat all ingrown toenails at home? If so, what type of tool should be used to deal with ingrown toenails? Which brand offers the best tool of this type, and what features does it possess? To find out, visit or click

Foot spas are commonly used to ease sore feet and to promote relaxation. Do foot spas offer any additional beauty benefits for the feet? In what ways can a foot spa be used during a pedicure at home? Which foot spa on the market is the best and why? To find out, visit or click

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